6 Spots To Get Your Chocolate Fix

By Cayley Nel
Liquid chocolate being poured

You can never go wrong with some good ol' choccy. From a classic bar of milk chocolate to a slab of Whittaker’s fruit and nut, there's a flavour for everyone. With its undeniably delicious taste, chocolate continues to be a staple ingredient in the world of desserts and sweet treats. To find out where to get your chocolate fix in Auckland, check out our article below.

The Blue Breeze Inn

146 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Hot Choc Pot from The Blue Breeze Inn

The Blue Breeze Inn is a prime example of quality over quantity. Listed under their sweet treats category is their famous Choc Pot. While the portion may be on the smaller side, this mouth-watering creation is all you need to satisfy that evening sweet tooth. Taking 20 minutes to prepare, Chef Che Barrington brilliantly combines rhubarb, coffee syrup, and an abundance of chocolate to create this divine dish. Served elegantly on a black plate with a side of whipped cream, you’ll leave feeling satisfied but not stuffed.

The Caker

446 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
Flourless Chocolate Cake from The Caker

With her distinctly unique flavours and rustic icing technique, it comes as no surprise that Jordan Rondel (aka the Caker) is one of the top bakers in Auckland. Amongst her selection, you'll find plenty of options to satisfy those chocolate cravings such as Chocolate Pear Pistachio, Banana Dark Chocolate, as well as her famous Flourless Dark Chocolate Cake. If you're struggling to decide the flourless cake is always a top pick due to its moist, fudgy consistency and incredible dark chocolate ganache. You can even try baking this bad boy yourself by purchasing one of The Caker's baking kits in-store or online.

XuXu Dumpling Bar

Corner Galway Street and Commerce Street, Britomart

XuXu Dumpling Bar continues to impress with their introduction of Steamed Chocolate Buns. This innovative dish comes served as three pieces in a traditional bamboo steamer, topped with a generous dusting of cocoa powder. As you bite into the warm doughy goodness, your mouth will be flooded with smooth rich chocolate. While it may sound like a sugar overload, this dessert remains balanced through the combination of bitter cocoa and sweet chocolate. For those after an additional sweet treat, we also suggest trying their killer banoffee pie dumplings.


Britomart + Fortstreet + Morningside
Chocolate Pastry from Miann Britomart

Known for their amazing craft chocolate and luxury desserts, Miann founders Brian and Roselle sure know how to accommodate a range of sweet cravings. At this trendy hot-spot, you'll be spoilt for choice with jaw-dropping cabinet treats and delicious menu items. Included in their cabinet is an assortment of insane gelato flavours such as 60% Peruvian Chocolate and creamy Gianduia. Both of which are delicately blended with nuts and caramel. You can also get your chocolate fix in a range of other forms such as a macaron, gelato stick, hot chocolate, bonbon, brownie, or croquette. If you want to try all six, their tasting platter will let you do just that.

Rocket Kitchen

597 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Chocolate Rosette Cupcakes from Rocket Kitchen

Home to several legendary cakes, Rocket Kitchen, have made their mark on the Auckland foodie scene. One of their top sellers continues to be the famous Chocolate Whiskey Cake. Bathed in whiskey syrup and coated in a decadent double chocolate ganache, it’s simply every chocolate lovers dream. Available online and in-store, you can select this iconic cake in one of three sizes. The deliciousness doesn’t stop there, as Rocket Kitchen also offers a range of other treats such as chocolate and raspberry Rosette cupcakes and moist chocolate brownies.

House of Chocolate

5/62-68 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
Chocolate Ball from House of Chocolate

With the word 'chocolate' in their name, it would be a crime not to include House of Chocolate on our list. In addition to a wide selection of handcrafted chocolate, this dessert cafe offers a variety of dishes designed for indulgence. From Belgian chocolate mousse to chocolate cake to chocolate brownies, this place has it all. Another popular choice is their gooey-centered Hot Chocolate Pudding. This decadent dish is drizzled in ganache and served with berry compote and your choice of ice cream.

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