6 Spots To Stop For A Milkshake

By Cayley Nel
Chocolate milkshakes on table

Although movies and TV shows often create false expectations, they got something right when it comes to milkshakes. From the iconic Friends poster to Betty and Jughead's diner dates, it seems that these classic shakes are the recipe for a good time. To make sure your milkshake makes you smile, check out our top picks for a milkshake date in Auckland!

Bald Eagle Diner

89 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay

With the historic pairing of American diners and delicious milkshakes, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Mission Bay's Bald Eagle Diner is a top pick. Their black and white checkered floors and bright blue booths make for an ideal spot to sit back and enjoy a classic milkshake, thickshake, or freakshake. All of which come in a range of unique flavours such as jaffa, mango, and salted caramel.

Fokker Bros

d/95-99 Customs Street West, Auckland CBD
Candy Mountain Freak-shake from Fokker Bros

You may know Fokker Bros for their insane burgers, but the real question is–Have you tried their milkshakes? Their menu is filled with popular options such as vanilla and strawberry, meaning you can expect to indulge in your childhood favourite. To take your drink to the next level, you also add Oreos for $2.50 or even a shot of alcohol for $8. If that doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, they also have two freakshake options that come topped with Nutella, lollies, and plenty of chocolate.

Al's Deli

1/492 Queen Street, Auckland CBD

With flavours like Snickers bar and choc-banana, we simply can't get enough of the milkshakes at Al's Deli. Served in a retro milkshake cup, this Canadian themed Deli provides endless Instagram opportunities. Once again, you can bump up the amount of ice cream by opting for a thickshake instead. There's even a hardshake menu if you're after a sweet fix with an alcohol kick.

Burger Burger

Various Locations
Burger Burger's Berry & Biscuit Whittakers Shake

Burger Burger continues to be a popular dining option for many Aucklanders. Along with their tasty burgers comes a list of incredible milkshake flavours such as peanut butter and chocolate, hokey pokey, and vanilla. Made using a scoop of Duck Island ice cream, you can expect a top-notch quality shake. If one scoop isn’t enough, an extra $4 can turn that milkshake into a thickshake.

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

309 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD + Orakei Bay Village, 228 Orakei Road

The only thing better than milkshakes and cookies is a thickshake and cookies. The perfect place to enjoy such a winning combo is at Deanna Yangs' Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar. Both their Karangahape Road and Orakei locations offer a range of thickshakes known as mo' shakes. Some of their mouth-watering flavours include Jellytip, salted caramel, and peanut butter. They've also recently introduced vegan shakes, perfect for any dairy-free guys and gals.

Crunch Tower Desserts & Drinks Room

279 Parnell Road, Parnell
Freak-shakes from Crunch Tower

The milkshakes at Crunch Tower are on a level of their own. Topped with cake, donuts, ice cream cones, biscuits, and a never-ending list of other sweet treats, they can easily pass as two desserts in one. As a result, these extravagant drinks do come with a reasonably high price tag. It's all worth it as long as you can handle the sugar rush and capture a snap before digging in.

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