7 Kiwi Instagrams To Follow For Cooking Inspo

By Grace Noles
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With a never-ending source of inspiration at our fingertips, choosing who and what to follow on Instagram can be a daunting task. We want to help out by curating a list of our favourite go-to grams that provide all the revelations of what to cook for dinner tonight – and keep it local too. Reorganise your feed with fresh inspo from some of our favourite Kiwi food bloggers below!


Creating the mantra of taking the mental load off cooking and using simple ingredients and easy recipes, Alex's Kitchen serves up fresh, bold dishes such as Halloumi Gyros, Prawn Laska, Mushroom Truffle Pasta, and Baked Feta Spaghetti. Utilising ingredients you will already have in your pantry to create something a little different than the usual, Alex takes the guesswork out of what's for dinner tonight.


Dubbed as a "A Photographer's Guide To Healthy Eating," Nadia creates decadent gluten free and sugar free recipes, and beautifully photographs them herself. From gooey Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies to Guacamole Sauerkraut Sandwiches and hearty bowls of Thai Pumpkin Soup, Nadia's recipes are not only eye-catching and craving-inducing, but also healthy!


Auckland-based nutritionist Chloe Muir, creates easy-to-follow accessible recipes that are tasty and beneficial for your body. Using the "swipe right" feature to easily display the recipes, Chloe shares easy-bake tasty recipes such as her Afghan Biscuits, Spinach & Courgette Frittatas, and Almond & Sesame Crumbed Fish.


Chef and Restaurateur Josh Emett generously graces Instagram with an abundance of his home recipes, some even used in his various New Zealand restaurants. A highlight reel full of comfort meals and fresh takes on traditional recipes include Mac n Cheese, Pecan Pie, Risotto, and Paella. Enjoying a live session every now and then, you'll also be able to cook along right beside Josh Emett in real time.


Posting a mixture of his baking creations and his outdoor adventures, Dane McGregor (aka the Baker Gatherer) has created a following dedicated to his unique aesthetic and innovative sweet-tooth recipes. Exploring nostalgic Kiwi childhood classics, Dane recreates recipes into modern dishes such as Chocolate Chunk Tan Square, Chocolate Lamington Slice, Fairy Bread Brioche, and Fruit Loop Cheesecake.


Promoting a nourishing lifestyle, Mon's Flavors is all about passionate cooking and tasty, nutritious dishes. Using ordinary ingredients, Mon finds a way to create inventive, detailed recipes that are slightly more out of the ordinary than you would initially imagine. Transforming plain hot cross buns into a pudding with berry compote and custard is just one example of her recipe hat-tricks.


Gaining her influencer start as the winner of Masterchef NZ, Nadia Lim has made strides and accumulated a following for her culinary skills and Kiwi-style of cooking. Using plenty of local produce to create hearty meals and comfort food during the lockdown period, Nadia brings things back to her roots and is sure to inspire with recipes such as her homemade Flatbread, Chickpea Curry, and Chicken Soup.

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