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7 Places To Go For A Decadent Caramel Slice

By Cayley Nel
Caramel slice

There's no better way to satisfy a sweet tooth than devouring a decadent caramel slice. As your fork cuts through the chocolate and caramel filling to the crunchy biscuit base, you’ll soon begin to salivate.

With this treat being a staple item in most cafe cabinets, it'll take a while to scout out who's got the best batch in town. To speed up the process, we've compiled a list of Auckland's best caramel slices below.

Common Ground Eatery

1/63 Clyde Road, Browns Bay
Caramel Slice from Common Ground Eatery

While their cabinet selection is relatively small, Common Ground Eatery certainly has mastered their caramel slice. The base is dense and delicately crunchy, providing the perfect foundation for a thick layer of decadent, gooey caramel and a semi-sweet dark chocolate topping. To give an extra hit of sweetness, you'll also find chunks of chocolate wedged between the caramel layer and biscuit base. If you can handle a sugar overload, this one's for you!

Winona Forever

100 Parnell Road, Parnell

Amongst their vibrant cabinet of decadent treats, you'll find Winona Forever's salted caramel slice. Its thick chocolate biscuit base comes topped with a layer of smooth caramel, cookie crumbs, and chunks of Whittaker's dark chocolate. As their menu food is also to die for, you may have to take the slice to go. Either way, you'll be thanking owners Aaron and Francesca for the epic creation.

Ripe Deli

172 – 174 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn
Caramel Slice from Ripe Deli

Since 2001, Ripe Deli has been renowned for providing incredible, home-made style food. With jam-packed cabinets in both Grey Lynn and Takapuna, owner Angela Redfern has been satisfying cravings for over 18 years. Although she often switches up their cabinet selection, you can always expect to see a caramel treat on offer. Whether that's their Anzac caramel, rocky road, or tan espresso caramel slice, you can guarantee it'll be a goodie. In addition to Angela’s focus on amazing taste, both cafes also make sure to only use recycled, compostable, and sustainable packing for all their food.

Major Tom

87 Apollo Drive, Rosedale

You can also find Winona Forever’s killer slice at Aaron and Francesca's Major Tom cafe located on the North Shore. Once again, you'll be greeted with a wide array of colourful cabinet treats, delicately made and creatively presented. In addition to their salted caramel slice, they also offer a similar treat with a coconut twist. Instead of the traditional chocolate layer, this slice is topped with a crunchy coconut meringue-like topping. If you're a coconut lover, we highly recommend giving it a go!

Bluebells Cakery

361 New North Road, Kingsland
Salted Caramel Tart from Bluebells Cakery

In addition to Bluebells insane cakes, owner Karla Goodwin also knows how to make the perfect caramel slice. Available as both a cabinet treat or an online catering order, it’s ideal for either an in store catch-up or a dessert option at an upcoming event. You can also choose to either stick to the classic biscuit, caramel, chocolate combo or venture out by trying their oat, macadamia, and caramel slice.

The Mustard Kitchen

5 Morningside Drive, Sandringham

With all their food handmade on-site, The Mustard Kitchen provides delicious freshly baked treats to their customers. Cut with absolute precision; their caramel slice is presented as a perfect rectangle made up of a thin biscuit base, smooth caramel, and generous chocolate topping. To find this Morningside hotspot, simply look out for the large brown 'FOOD' sign, that contrasts perfectly against the cafe's white brick exterior.

The Raw Kitchen

90 Wellesley Street West, Auckland CBD
Raw Caramel Slice from The Raw Kitchen

If you’re on a health kick but can’t seem to curve your caramel cravings, The Raw Kitchen is the way to go. Using a combination of dates, tahini, sea salt, coconut nectar, vanilla bean, cacao, coconut oil, and sunflower seeds, owner Oliva Scott manages to offer a delicious treat that won’t break the diet. Although it doesn't provide that same gooey, decadence as a regular caramel slice, it'll still do a decent job at satisfying your sweet tooth.

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