8 Of Our Favourite Cheap & Cheerful Burger Joints

By Kate Coulter-Smith
two beef burgers with egg and sauce

We are spoilt for choice in our fair city when it comes to burger options. Whether your preference is vegan, vegetarian, or double meat patty, Auckland burger eateries bring the goods. But, with great choice comes difficult decisions so we’ve compiled a list for your ease.

Dine in or takeaway, they're delicious either way!

Burger Burger Ponsonby

4 Brown Street, Ponsonby
Burger Burger

Burger Burger seems to be growing exponentially in popularity now with its three locations in Ponsonby, Newmarket, and Takapuna. This burger joint opens its doors to create an indoor-outdoor flow, which on a busy night spills out onto the Ponsonby pavement. We recommend you arrive hungry and ready to eat big because these burgers are no joke.

Prepare your stomach for the “Kiwi Classic” which takes 170g of NZ grass-fed beef and tops it with bacon, aged cheddar, pickles, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, beetroot, tomato jam, mustard, and mayo. We could talk about these burgers all day but there is so much more to this place than the burgers itself.

We live for the perfectly crispy and salty potato skins as well as the charred broccoli seasoned in garlic, butter, and almonds. But to tell you the truth, what really keeps us coming back is their shakes which are all made with real Duck Island ice cream.

Corner Burger

395 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden + Level 4 309 Broadway, Newmarket
Corner Burger

The food scene in Mount Eden is known nationwide as one of the best hotspots for any cuisine – Corner Burger has been a very welcomed addition to this buzzing suburb. The atmosphere inside is relaxed and cosy with its wooden tables and soft lighting. They ensure quality in their food by only using fresh ingredients and demanding the best NZ grown produce.

Everything is done in-store from the pressing of the patties to the creation of the sauces and sodas. What better way to celebrate local produce than a dining on a quality lamb burger – Try Corner Burger’s Lamb Classic with tzatziki, pea salsa, feta, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and their secret sauce.

The cherry on top? They've just opened in Newmarket's Westfield as well!

Wise Boys

604 Great North Road, Grey Lynn
Wise Boys

If you pass by Grey Lynn at any hour of the day, you'll find groups of friends enjoying late night feeds at Wise Boys. Brothers Tim and Luke took a minimalistic approach when designing the interior of the restaurant.

They created a doorless storefront, which is hard to miss with its bright red paintwork and neon lighting, shining out onto the sidewalk. There's limited seating but enough room to shield you from the elements so you can enjoy one of their delicious burgers.

As you may know, everything served in Wise Boys is 100% vegan, including their famous “Super Katsu” burger made of panko-crumbed organic tofu topped with a tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo, ginger-sesame slaw, tomato, cucumber, and red onion, all in a warm toasted bun.

The Chosen Bun

3/40 Stonefields Avenue, Stonefields
The Chosen Bun

If we have any choice in the matter, we will always choose The Chosen Bun for a burger-fix. This modern burger bar is growing popular, especially with those who abide to specific dietary requirements.

All of their sides are gluten-free including their fries, popcorn chicken, and mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. If your gluten intolerance has stopped you from eating out before, thankfully times are changing – you can enjoy any of The Chosen Bun’s shakes like the “Toffee choc” or “Strawberry Tart” without any worries of gluten.

The burgers are also dietary friendly with GF buns available on reques. While vegetarians and meat-eaters alike have been raving about “The Righteous One” - a portobello mushroom, halloumi, onion rings, sundried tomato pesto, and aioli. Delish!

Tiger Burger

549 Great North Road, Grey Lynn
Tiger Burger

Tiger Burger is another burger joint gem that has popped up in Grey Lynn. They have managed to combine (successfully we might add) a fusion of Korean street food and the plain old burger. This mix is exhibited expertly in the “Kimcheese” burger, which is their signature-blend of aged Taupō beef, sautéed kimchi, aged cheddar, and gochujang mayo.

For your sides, there is a multitude of options like the honey fried chicken bites with garlic mayo or the bacon fries with cheese sauce and pickled jalapeños. If this isn’t enough to convince you, then let us inform you that this joint is pet-friendly, so bring your doggo and enjoy everything Tiger Burger has to offer.

Happy Boy

705A Manukau Road, Royal Oak
Happy Boy

Happy Boy is not your run of the mill burger joint. In fact, take everything you know about restaurant decor, turn it on its head, paint it with eccentric graffiti, and line it with pink and blue neon lights and you’ll end up with Happy Boy.

This Tokyo inspired burger joint feels like you are walking into a Japanese video game with its lime green furniture and pumping music. This place is perfect for a lively group gathering or a slightly inspired date-night with your partner. There are five burgers on the menu; our favourite being the Chinese style pork belly drizzled in garlic mayo, topped with pickled mustard greens and crushed peanuts.

Additionally, with all of their burgers you can choose to have yours in a classic brioche bun or a tasty bao bun.

Burger Boy

149 Quay Street, Auckland Viaduct
Burger Boy

Everybody knows the cure to a good hangover is a big juicy burger, but Burger Boy has taken that knowledge to the next level. Knowing just the right ingredients to create a breakfast burger that is set to relieve even the most intense morning-afters.

Take their classic hamburger of 80g of grass-fed NZ beef, top it with iceberg lettuce, red onion, pickles, free-range streaky bacon, cheddar cheese, an egg, avocado and douse it in hot boy sauce and mayo, then let us know the journey your taste buds go on.

Burger Boy is best consumed with a non-judgemental, burger enthusiast acquaintance.

The Flaming Onion

1 Lydia Avenue, Northcote
The Flaming Onion

We are finishing off this extensive list with the much-loved burger joint, The Flaming Onion. Their menu boasts nearly 30 different burgers and their promise of gourmet cooking means the food is simple, tasty, and skill-fully prepared using the freshest and best ingredients available.

The chefs have over ten years of experience and they make everything from the sauces to the patties from scratch. Take our advice, go hungry and try their whopping “The Bogan” burger made up of NZ premium grass-fed double Wagyu beef, topped with golden hash brown, Texan style pulled pork, and chicken tenderloins with American cheese, creamy brie cheese, smoked streaky bacon, chipotle aioli, and Jack Daniel’s Bbq sauce on a brioche bun. Yes, you read that right, that is all in just one burger!

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