8 Of The Best Cupcake Stores Around

By Sophia Romanos
Cupcakes on a wooden board

The humble cupcake - Too small to share and too much delicious sugar to call it keto. In ode to one of the best desserts you can find at a party, we present you with a run down of where to hunt out the best cupcakes in Auckland. Because no cup of tea is complete without an icing-topped treat.

The Caker

446 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
Mini-cake from The Caker

You would have heard of The Caker, whether it’s from one of her pre-packed boxes of deliciousness or if you’ve been lucky enough to have one of her gigantic, decadent cakes made for your birthday. Lucky for our waistlines, The Caker also specialises in cupcakes or rather a mini-cake that was once a cupcake in its previous life before it doubled in size. All the Caker’s mini-cakes are respective to the loved and seasonal flavours she experiments with and are equally delectable to stuff your face into. We can’t go past the blueberry, rhubarb, and white chocolate cake with vanilla bean cream cheese icing.

Bluebells Cakery

161a Hillsborough Road + 361 New North Road
Vegan Chocolate and Raspeberry Cupcake from Bluebells Cakery

Minis, vegan, or just buying a single for yourself on the drive home, Bluebells’ cupcakes are here to please! Salted caramel banana, red velvet, and lemon curd are just a sample of the flavours they have to offer. If you’re not in the mood to get off the couch, or can’t escape the office, then you can get your order delivered around Auckland from just two hours from placing your order! Dangerously tempting.

Bondie Designer Cupcakes

9/56 Apollo Drive, Rosedale
Choc Oreo Cupcakes from Bondie's Designer Cupcakes

Open Bondie's website up and immediately see why these guys are completely and utterly drool-worthy. Dunking a cupcake in ganache is one thing, but having it taste just as good as it looks is another. These creations are called designer cupcakes for a reason and with a menu the size of the wine list at an Italian restaurant, making a decision just became that much harder. Their cupcakes range from your classic flavours to Pineapple Lump, Pic’s Peanut Buttercup, and fairy bread and Caramilk overload. Kids birthday party or corporate event - Order a box and you’ll be the favourite in the room.


219 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead
Chocolate Cupcakes from Bloom

There’s a time and place for Belguim chocolate cupcakes, and that is right now at Bloom in Birkenhead. Order online, walk-in, or pick up from their physical location and grab a taste of what everyone’s raving about. Bloom really nails the classic flavours with their fluffy cake textures and light and buttery icing. If you’re ready for the big cupcake leagues, try the banoffee, a banana cake dolloped with banana-toffee infused frosting or one of their doughnut spiced cupcakes drizzled in copious amounts of caramel sauce.

Amy's Secret Kitchen

3a/49 Brown Street, Ponsonby
Cupcakes from Amy's Secret Kitchen

The state of her kitchen will remain a secret to us but what isn’t is how delicious Amy’s cakes are. With raving reviews, the online store can’t seem to be faulted, mastering delicious and classic flavours and now providing same-day delivery or collection. We recommend grabbing a box of the “taste of everything” so you get to try all six flavours - save us the caramel, wait, the lemon curd!

Petal Cupcakes

8 Teed Street, Newmarket
The lineup at Petal Cupcakes, including gluten free and vegan options

The original cupcake queens of Auckland. Petal is known for their stunning flower icing design that creates an excessively perfect amount of icing-to-cake ratio. With an overwhelming amount of flavours available, treat someone to one of the classics or something a little out of the box. We love the lavender honey combination - with a delicate lavender flavour in the purple and white swirled icing. These babies are perfect for any occasion, gift or just for yourself on the way home.

Mint Cakery

92D Marua Road, Ellerslie
Coconut Rough Cakes from Mint Cakery

Say hello to some seriously epic mini-cakes. Mint Cakery knows what’s up when it comes to flavour combinations and if you haven’t tried one, head on out to Ellerslie to grab one… or a dozen. Are you in the mood for cookie dough with chocolate buttercream? Maybe a deliciously decadent and bitter dark chocolate and raspberry? Apple and salted caramel? Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed and you will always wish you had bought just one more.

The Macho Mini

Chocolate Cupcakes from The Macho Mini

When your sweet tooth is too big for a mini cupcake but you’re not ready to commit to a full-on cupcake because you’ve already eaten 10 club sandwiches, The Macho Mini is the cupcake for you. These guys pride themselves on the perfect ‘macho mini’ size of their cakes and the incredible flavours they’ve conjured up. The deliciously fluffy lemon coconut with cream cheese icing and ‘malt down’ cupcake with crushed maltesers on chocolate ganache are easy crowd pleasers for the office or family. Did we mention free delivery Auckland wide?

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