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A Complete Guide To The Best Ice-Cream In Auckland

By Alexandra Neilson
real fruit ice cream

It’s a true challenge to think of a time in life that ice-cream is not appropriate. Had a delicious dinner but still need something to hit the sweet spot? Ice-cream. Hungry, but not hungry enough for a full meal? Ice-cream. Just had a killer yoga session and need to cool down? Ice-cream. On your deathbed with one last dying wish before you depart this world forevermore? You guessed it, ice-cream.

Whether you’re a gelato gourmand leaning towards the weird and wonderful, or simple sorbet kind of person, we’ve got a spot in Auckland to satisfy any ice-cream craving that comes your way. In fact, we challenge you to try every place on this list as soon as humanly possible. The saying is “an ice-cream a day keeps the doctor away” right?

Duck Island

1/182 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Ice cream bowl from Duck Island

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, new kid on the block Duck Island has been hard to miss. Easy to locate most nights of the week by the line snaking out the doors, most people don’t know that the cutesy pink Ponsonby store is actually Duck Island’s second location. Originally located in the Waikato, Duck Island is a perfect date-night spot after dinner in Ponsonby. We’ve heard rave things about the Fairy Bread flavour and vegan options.


Various Locations

Famed for their delicious desserts and perfect pastries, Miann can often be overlooked when it comes to icier treats. However, if you’re wanting gelato with a little more oomph, Miann is the place. Founded by international pastry chef Brian Campbell, this is the spot where gelato fuses with traditional desserts. Why not have both right? With flavours like pavlova, baklava, and mango gingerbread cheesecake–Even your food snob friends will be impressed.


12 Gore Street, Auckland CBD
Giapo's Oolong and Matcha Ice Cream Cone

Probably one of Auckland’s most famed ice-cream parlours, both locals and tourists flock to Giapo making it a mainstay for the last 11 years. Ice cream made fresh daily from natural ingredients, expect to come to Giapo and see something different every trip. With artisan cones and toppings, if you want to take your ice-cream eating to a new level, this is the place. And as if you weren’t already convinced, the service here is always a pleasure!

Ben & Jerrys

Various Locations

American power-house Ben and Jerry’s has been a fixture of American culture since the 1970s and graced New Zealand shores in 2015 to much fanfare. We can confirm it lives up to the hype. Fun and undeniably American, classic Ben & Jerry’s flavours such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and New York Super Fudge are available year-round at their Ponsonby location. Try their ice-cream sandwiches or sundaes if you’re feeling a little extra.

The Kapiti Store

19 Shortland Street, Auckland CBD
Black Dorris Plum from The Kapiti Store

Perhaps known best for a being a fixture in the New Zealand cheese scene for 30 years, Kapiti ice-cream is nothing to turn your nose up at. With wonderfully Kiwi with flavours such as Feijoa and Pear sorbet and Black Doris Plum–The Kapiti Store can sort you out with a true taste of New Zealand history. We recommend you head in for your taste testing, then pick-up a scoop and matching tub for later.


139 Quay Street East, Auckland CBD

A spin-off of the classic New Zealand Natural ice-cream chain, MELT takes ice-cream to fun and creative new limits. A rotating cycle of innovative ice-cream creations, if you’re looking for something a little left of centre–MELT has you covered. With board-games and toys for adults and children alike, this isn’t just ice-cream but a post-dinner activity!

The Island Gelato Company

Various Locations
Vegan Sorbet from Island Gelato Company

Seasonal, cool, and local. The Island Gelato Company is a true taste of New Zealand sunshine originating from our very own summer hotspot, Waiheke island. With over 70 flavours on rotation, The Island Gelato Company is not only good on the tongue, but it’s also kind to your body–Preferring lower fat and sugar options where possible. Set in the ferry building and on Waiheke island, grab one on both sides of your trip (we won’t tell, promise.)


279 Parnell Road, Parnell

Calling all Instagrammers far and wide, CrunchTower has the most fun ice-cream presentation with cute backdrops to boot. As the name suggests, this is the spot for sky-high monster ice-cream creations – garnished with dripping fudge sauce and sprinkles. Fresh new gelato flavours arrive regularly, so don’t hold off on visiting–We dare you to tackle a freak-shake while you’re at it.


31 Tyler Street, Britomart
Milse's Gateau Platter

Definitely a spot to impress, Milse takes gelato to a decadent dine-in experience. Tucked away in Britomart next to Ortolana, from the second you step into Milse the atmosphere and service will impress. Whether you take one of their ever-rotating gelato sticks to go or sit down to a full gelato cake experience and bubbles with friends–A visit to Milse is a special occasion in and of itself.

Ollie's Ice Cream Parlour

802 Manukau Road, Royal Oak

With over 45 years of scooping ice-cream for Aucklanders, Ollie's is your classic Ma and Pa ice-cream experience. The ice-cream parlour for the every-day man, Ollie's is unpretentious in the best way possible. The perfect spot for kids or a family ice-cream trip, you’re always greeted with a smile at Ollie's and the red and white décor brings back childhood memories for many.

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