Auckland's Best Cheesecakes

By Sophia Romanos
Cheesecake slice on pie server

Dessert culture in Auckland seems to start and finish with donuts. But, what about the humble cheesecake? A slice so versatile, with an excuse to eat biscuit, cream cheese, sugar, chocolate, and any topping you can possibly think of. Classic New York-style, raspberry-chocolate ganache, or pecan-caramel-Whatever form it comes in, cheesecake always hits the spot. The soft blend of cream cheese topping a biscuit base is a true art form not to be underestimated. Join us as we eat our way through Auckland’s best cheesecakes.

Coffee Pen

6 Basque Road, Eden Terrace
Macha Cheesecake from Coffee Pen

This little Mount Eden hideaway is the perfect spot for some home-cooked comfort food and a slice of their finest cheesecake flavour: matcha-Oreo. With a crunchy Oreo base to add an extra kick to the humble matcha soft cheesecake-It’s unique and a must-try. With a rotating cabinet, you can’t always guarantee it’ll be waiting for you, but with treats like banoffee pie and pecan-caramel cheesecake, your sweet cravings can always be satisfied at Coffee Pen.

Circus Circus

447 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Crunchie Bar Cheesecake from Circus Circus

Channel your inner love for The Greatest Showman and pop down to Mount Eden Village's Circus Circus for the main event: Crunchie cheesecake. A decadent brownie base, an even richer chocolate cheesecake middle, and topped with smashed up Crunchie bar, all served up with whipped cream. The heaters, cosy blankets, and long opening hours make for a great late-night catch-up. Grab yourself one of their bowl-sized hot chocolates and you’ve got yourself a perfect date.

Little Bird Kitchen

Corner Summer Street &, Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Passionfruit Cheesecake from The Little Bird Kitchen

The home of all things raw and tasty–The Little Bird Kitchen. These guys have a great philosophy around their food, and a just as impressive cabinet and menu of goods. In the cheesecake department, a slice of the raspberry and cacao is our top pick. Outrageous decadence with the tangy raspberry kick to make you feel like your body is still a temple.

Uncle Tetsu

287 Queen Street, Auckland CBD
Cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu

You’ve probably seen the wobble videos all over Instagram. The Uncle Tetsu soft and fluffy cheesecakes are an authentic Japanese take on the traditional cheesecake. Opt for either the original or the new matcha flavour at the window, and take it as your hot new date for pot-luck dinner.

Federal Delicatessen

86 Federal Street, Auckland CBD

Known for their abundance of poutine and bustling atmosphere, the pies at Al Brown’s Fed Deli are nothing to be overlooked. The New York-style cheesecake gives full attention to the creamy filling with a thin and crispy base. Paired with a side of syrup-y strawberries, you can add a tartness to help you finish every last morsel with great ease.

Wu & You

399 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Cheesecake on a stick from Wu & You

Don’t get too cocky about your cheesecake knowledge until you’ve tried it frozen on a stick at Wu & You. The Little Tokyo dessert option features a frozen New York cheesecake, expertly melted with chocolate ganache, miso caramel, and sprinkled with a cookie crumb. This funky little neighbourhood eatery is perfect for a night out, just make sure you hold out for dessert.

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