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Auckland's Best Loaded Fries

By Grace Noles
Auckland's Best Loaded Fries

When it comes to plain old fries, you’ll find them on any street in Auckland. And sure, fries do the job–But, where do you turn when you need to make a meal out of the delicious delicacy? Loaded fries of course! Often doused in creamy sauces, protein, and some type of crispy vegetable, loaded fries have about everything you’re looking for in a meal. Here are our 5 top spots to find a piping hot and delectable bowl of loaded fries in AKL city.

Double Dutch Fries

40 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

The European kings and queens of Auckland, Double Dutch Fries have conquered the Dutch domain in Auckland. And they specialise in a whole lot of toppings! The fries are hand-cut, gluten-free, locally sourced, and sustainably packaged. As for the sauces, they’re not as locally sourced–But, that’s because they’re specially imported from the Netherlands, authentically creamy and tangy. Go for the whole hog and order the Patat Oorlog: Fresh fries doused in Dutch mayo and Forty Thieves tangy satay sauce, topped with finely chopped onions to garnish.

North Park

37/63 Jellicoe Street, Auckland CBD

Another waterfront gem, North Park in Wynyard Quarter serves up American-style comfort food in a trendy bistro setting. It’s hard to be disappointed with extending views of the harbour and a few bites and drinks to share around the table. However, North Park’s loaded poutine fries are here to steal the show. Upon ordering, you’ll receive a generous amount of salty shoestring fries underneath a blanket of jus, cheese curls, and juicy brisket, garnished with a sprinkle of spring onion. The mixture of textures and flavours make every mouthful a brand new (delicious!) experience.

The Kimchi Project

20 Lorne Street, Auckland CBD
Loaded Waffle Fries from The Kimchi Project

Although Kimchi may not first come to mind when thinking of loaded fries, hear us out. The Kimchi Project are known to shake things up a bit, with their indoor-outdoor hidden courtyard and kimchi fried rice, so it’s no surprise they also serve up their take on loaded fries. Ditching the traditional shoestring and going for a waffle fry is just the beginning. They’ve topped them with traditional spicy kimchi, Sriracha yoghurt, sour cream, and crispy shallots for an intertwined cultural fry experience.

Marina Cantina

1 Ara-Tai Road, Half Moon Bay

With a delightful view of Half Moon Bay Marina and Mexican food that is off the charts, Marina Cantina really does have it all. Grab a comfy seat in the decked out eatery and a couple of margaritas before digging into the Cantina Loaded Fries. These bad boys come in a basket filled to the brim with golden crispy waffle fries, succulent BBQ pulled pork, topped with melting queso cheese and jalapeños (or sans jalapeños if you’re not ready for a bit of heat). Tackle the basket by yourself, or opt for a sharing plate with a few cheeky tacos on the side.


125 Queen Street + 8/183 Karangahape Road
LowBrow's Loaded Curly Fries

Swiftly becoming a deep-fried favourite, LowBrow make great fried chicken. But, did you know they make even greater fries? Pull your gaze away from the sesame seed roll sandos if possible, and take a look at LowBrow’s Cheese Fries. Starting every basket of fries off the right way, Lowbrow begins with a generous serving of extra crispy, extra golden curly fries. On top of those go Old Bay Mayo, melting cheddar sauce, and a healthy sprinkling of salty bacon bits!

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