Auckland's Most Unique Speciality Lattes

By Grace Noles
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Speciality lattes have been taking off around the city. While we all have our coffee orders that we know and love, it never hurts to try something new and treat yourself to a new experience. Between matcha, beetroot, and turmeric blends, there's a specialty latte out there for everyone – each coming with its own set of benefits and flavourful notes to suit just what you're looking for. Here are Dishcult's standout favourites for specialty lattes around Auckland.

Simon & Lee's Muddy Latte

115 St George's Bay, Parnell
Simon & Lee's Muddy Latte

Simon & Lee brings together contemporary classics with Korean influence to create some of Auckland's favourite modern Asian fusion – and they don't just stop at the food. Simon & Lee's Muddy Latte is one of their most attractive drinks, dusted with a heavy dose of Asian brown sugar to create a caramelised crunchy topping. They suggest three ways to enjoy the delicious coffee. Either scoop up mouthfuls of the sugar and foam, sip through the sugar à la margarita-style, or mix it into the coffee for a sweet drink throughout. Whichever you experiment with, the Muddy Latte is a must-try for any coffee-lover and sweet tooth fiend.

Woolfy's Beetroot Latte

5 Cryers Road, East Tamaki
Woolfy's Cafe

While it may be an intimidating-looking latte, beetroot lattes are packed with health benefits (vitality, folic acid, rich in vitamin c and antioxidants) and are the perfect sweet afternoon treat to boost your energy levels. Beetroot lattes aren't made with coffee and taste nothing like the root vegetable you're imagining. In fact, Woolfy's Beetroot Latte is almost a creamy dessert in a glass, easily disguising an addition to your 5+ a day. Woolfy's signature Beetroot lattes are best made with coconut milk, but the cafe also carries 6 different types of milk (dairy, trim, oat, soy, coconut, and almond) so you really can have it your way. Paired with any of their superfood dishes or cabinet treats, it's worth making the trip.

Duck Duck Goose's Rose Tea Latte

6/56 Apollo Drive, Rosedale
Duck Duck Goose's Rose Tea Latte

Besides being absolutely beautiful, Duck Duck Goose's Rose Tea Latte is a delicious drink for all your senses. Once again, the health benefits in a rose tea latte are prevalent with its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory nature, as well as its vitamin c potency, perfect for an immunity boost. As for the flavour, Duck Duck Goose's Rose Tea Latte has floral and earthy notes, with the tea flavour coming through.

Patch's Matcha Latte

108 Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest
Patch's Matcha Latte

One of the most popular speciality lattes on the market, matcha lattes are not only delicious but packed with antioxidants and encourages a calm mindset. Patch Cafe in Hillcrest is our go-to for a creamy match latte. Using a gluten-free matcha powder from Urban Blended, Patch blends it up with the steamed milk of your choice, and voila – a perfect match latte every time. Perfectly paired with any of Patch's cabinet treats, we personally love a doughnut on the side for dipping.

Little Bird's Reishi Latte

Little Bird Kitchen's Reishi Latte

Little Bird Kitchen know everything about anything organic, which is why we love delving into their hot drinks menu for wacky and wonderful lattes. Our favourite is the Reishi Latte, consisting of dandelion, reishi, cordyceps, vanilla, and a touch of coconut sugar, blended with house-made nut milk and topped with raw cacao flaky chocolate. Reishi is a type of mushroom thought to lessen fatigue, reduce stress, and improve sleep, but don't let that put you off – there's no detectable taste or view of mushrooms in the latte, only a mildly sweet and creamy flavour served up beautifully, in true Little Bird-style.

Vibe Coffee Roaster's Hokey Pokey Latte

Special Mention: Their Charcoal Latte
1/15 Porana Road, Wairau Valley
Vibe Coffee Roasters's Hokey Pokey Latte

New to the Auckland food scene, Vibe Coffee Roasters is coming in hot with their speciality lattes and freshly roasted coffee beans. The friendly team have spent years perfecting their coffee blend, before diving into hospitality and serving up the beans fresh themselves. Aside from the classic flat whites and long blacks, they've introduced us to the Hokey Pokey Latte. Using their Dark N Twisted dark roast, they've combined an espresso shot, your choice of milk, and real pieces of honeycomb hokey pokey to top it off. Great coffee and a sweet treat all in one, what could be better?

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