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By The Dish Cult Team
oyster and chop mac and cheese

For when all else seems wrong in life, at least there’s cheese. We have strayed so far from the traditional Italian pasta that we are knee-deep in truffle-three-cheese-white-sauce, but that’s not a bad place to be. Please either your carb-cravings or your friends with a simple palate that can’t handle spice, and head out to one of our top picks for mac and cheese in Auckland.

This guide was updated 14/06/2021.

Jervois Steak House

70 Jervois Road, Ponsonby
Jervois Steak House, Ponsonby

Mac and cheese can be sophisticated too. Jervois Steak House impresses in fields beyond their famous steaks. The sides here are outstandingly flavour-full, and the mac and cheese is no exemption. Each forkful gives you the strong hit of the truffle you crave when you see a white sauce. The modest servings leave you enough room to try multiple sides and enjoy your steak. However, if you are a huge mac and cheese fiend and aren’t big on sharing, order a second.

Morepork BBQ

40 Main Road, Kumeū
Morepork BBQ, Kumeū

If you're looking for a great BBQ dish-up with proper American sides – Morepork is your stomping ground. Morepork has a delicious traditional mac and cheese side on their menu as well as mac and cheese spring rolls, but keep an eye out for their loaded mac and cheese on their specials menu. By loaded, they really mean loaded, the options prove absolutely everything goes with white sauce. “The Beefy One” packed with smoked brisket, mushrooms, caramelised onions, and blue cheese is an honourable mention but with toppings ranging from seafood to pulled pork or a fried egg, the decision isn’t easy.

Soul Bar & Bistro

Lower Hobson Street, Auckland Viaduct

Perhaps one of the most famous mac and cheeses in the city, Soul doesn't often keep menu items available as long as their signature cheesy pasta dish has stuck around. Skipping the pasta section of the menu and found directly underneath "Soul Classics" is the Macaroni Cheese, arriving hot and gooey with ham off the bone dabbled throughout and a crispy layer of parmesan crust to initially break through. Pairing well with just about anything else on the menu, Soul's Macaroni and Cheese is one of the first to pop to mind when we think of Auckland's best.

Oyster & Chop

Market Place, Auckland Viaduct
Oyster & Chop, Auckland Viaduct

With meat at the forefront of their impeccable menu, Oyster & Chop definitely doesn't drop the ball when it comes to accompanying sides. Enjoy a variety of some of the city's best cuts of meat and servings of seafood and add on a side of their Mac'N'Cheese. Arriving pipping hot from the oven, dig into the divine goodness and prepare yourself for one of the best cheese-pulls in town. Laced with pancetta and truffle, this mac & cheese is deeply rich and oh-so yum.

Miss Moonshine's

3/130 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Miss Moonshine's, Ponsonby

You thought you knew everything about mac and cheese-But have you thrown it in the deep fryer and laden it with chipotle? Miss Moonshine’s mac and cheese balls are the fellas you needed to keep your BBQ meat company. The crispy coating and creamy cheese sauce are the perfect complement to one another as you dunk it in the chipotle for a little surprise kick. The mood lighting and cool American barbeque style of the place make it a great dinner location for your non-vegan mates.

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