Auckland's Top Pancake Stacks

By Cayley Nel
woolfys pancakes

When Sunday brunch rolls around, pancakes will always be a winning choice. Whether they're drizzled with maple syrup or decked out with fruit and bacon, there's something so satisfying about this classic dish. To find out where you can enjoy Auckland's top pancake stacks, check out our top picks for the ultimate stacks below.

This guide was updated on 06/11/2020

Circus Circus

447 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Candyfloss Pancakes from Circus Circus

Since 1995, Circus Circus has combined the perfect amount of theatrics and cosiness to create an ideal spot for enjoying delicious food. If you manage to walk past their mouth-watering cabinet treats, you'll soon see ricotta pancakes written on their menu. Made with love, this pancake stack comes topped with blueberry compote, vanilla yoghurt, marshmallow, fairy floss, and maple syrup. While this combo is a dream come true, you can also kick it up a notch with the option to add bacon or ice cream (or both).


5 Cryers Road, East Tamaki

From the moment our eyes laid on Woolfy's blueberry hotcakes we seriously couldn't stop drooling. Served as a mouth-watering stack of three, it can easily pass as an edible castle surrounded by a moat of fresh fruit and white chocolate crumb. In addition to these epic flavours, the hotcakes are also topped with blueberry compote and lemon curd. A match made in heaven if you ask us.

Major Sprout

21 Graham Street, Auckland CBD
Buttermilk Pancakes from Major Sprout

With large windows revealing its sleek interior, you'll have no trouble spotting Major Sprout as you walk down Graham Street. Served elegantly on a black dish, their buttermilk citrus pancakes come topped with almond mascarpone, butterscotch, and cheesecake. If that doesn't satisfy your sugar craving, there's also an optional $3 scoop of vanilla bean ice cream that will certainly do the trick.

Kind Eatery

16 McDonald Street, Morningside

Kind Eatery's bright wooden interior and array of hanging plants will give you ultimate enchanted forest vibes. With sustainability and health at its core, their pancakes are jam-packed with delicious fruity toppings that will have your body feeling fresh. As a social enterprise, you can also feel confident in knowing that the money you spent on your dish is going towards enhancing the Morningside community.

Hare And The Turtle

1/63 New Windsor Road, New Windsor

If you're worried about your brunch cravings breaking the budget, Hare and the Turtle is here to the rescue. For an affordable $13, you can get your hands on three thick pancakes served with grilled banana, candied walnuts, whipped cream, and Canadian maple syrup. Although it may sound too good to be true, the adorable wooden letter menu board above their counter will happily confirm this epic deal.

Federal Delicatessen

86 Federal Street, Auckland CBD

Al Brown's Federal Delicatessen, often referred to as tThe Fed continues to be a crowd favourite. Amongst their iconic dessert pies, poutine fries, and bottomless coffee, are their incredible griddle cakes. This scrumptious dish brings you three thick blueberry buttermilk pancakes topped with cinnamon butter and strudel nut crunch.

Black & Gold Eatery

1/33 Triton Drive, Rosedale
Nippon Pancakes from Black & Gold's Eatery

On Black & Gold's brunch'n and munch'n menu, you'll find their ultra-fluffy Nippon pancakes. This jaw-dropping Japanese inspired dish is served with whipped cream cheese, rhubarb poached pear, raspberry panna cotta, berry compote, and seasonal fruit. With toppings this decadent, it's pretty much an excuse to eat dessert in the middle of the day.

Marua Road Cafe

159 Marua Road, Mount Wellington

Carrot cake is arguably one of New Zealand's favourite cakes. As a result, it doesn't come as a surprise that Marua Road's carrot cake pancakes are an absolute hit. While their portions may not be huge, the taste is top-notch. This flavourful fluffy stack of two comes surrounded by cinnamon crumble, maple drizzle, and dollops of cheese frosting. When combined, this dish truly lives up to its name.

Honey Bones

480 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn
Ricotta Pancake from Honey Bones

When a pancake takes up the entire plate, that pretty much equals a stack, right? With that logic, we simply had to include Honey Bone's gigantic ricotta pancake. It's divine lemon curd, greek yoghurt, poached fruit, & optional bacon combined with the rustic presentation make it a must-try dish. If you're looking for something not quite as sweet, they've also introduced the savoury Green Tea Pancake with citrus pumpkin, crisp kale, seasonal greens, dukkah, a poached egg, and optional avocado! Do keep in mind that as a local hot spot, you may have to wait it out for a seat.

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