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Best Donut Stops

By Sophia Romanos
Donuts on table

Who knew we could love dough in any other form than pizza and cookies? Glazed, dusted, or deep-fried and stuffed with sugary goodness, donuts are just the right treat to sink your teeth into when the hunger kicks in. The jam and cream finger donut from the bakery was a childhood Kiwi classic, but since then the humble donut has stepped up its game. Auckland is taking a page from the American and Canadian books and asking the question: What ​can’t​ go in a donut? Now, stop scrolling through Instagram videos of people tearing open filled donuts and hit up one of our top locations to grab some serious dough.

Doe Donuts

Assortment box from Doe Donuts

Stocked only on Fridays, you have to be in quick for these treats as the word is spreading fast. Doe's flavours change each week but trust us-Variety is a good thing. Think afghan, smores, and banana cream filled flavours, as well as maple-bacon topped classics. Order online for delivery or pick-up from their Kingsland production space. Additionally, sit down with a coffee and indulge at one of their stockists like Freaky or Crumb in Auckland City.

Al's Deli

1/492 Queen Street, Auckland CBD
Al's doughnuts always pair well with a shake

Nestled in the city, this Canadian-themed deli is the right place to splurge on the sweets. Al’s freshly made doughnuts are injected with a syringe to create the perfect ratio of filling to dough. The flavours range from raspberry white chocolate to bounty bar and Oreo, all tasting just as decadent as they look. We highly recommend trying Al’s classic American diner-dinners, while keeping some room in your stomach for these babies.

Little & Friday

43D Eversleigh Road, Belmont + 11 McColl Street, Newmarket
Raspberry doughnuts from Little & Friday

The humble jam and cream doughnut has been thrown aside by the team at Little & Friday and replaced with cream and raspberry coulis decadence. Little & Friday are dearly-loved boutique cafes in Auckland with cabinets full of beautifully baked sweet goods to impress even the biggest savoury-lover. Take your Mum out for an overdue catch-up and grab a doughnut for the books. The banana caramel-filled doughnut is a show-stopper, rolled in sugar, this will still contribute towards your 5+ a day, so order two.

The Pie Piper & Doornuts

3/321 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
Pink doughnuts from Doornuts at Pie Pipe

The one-stop-shop for an impressively insane doughnut. Yes, they may specialise in the sweet-pie department, but don’t be deceived by the name, as their sister-brand, Doornuts, both supplies and delivers doughnuts alongside Pie Piper. The banoffee berliner and peanut butter pretzel doughnut are sure-winners whilst their overwhelming vegan options are equally as enticing-Did someone say chocolate cookies and cream? Pop in for a quick catch-up and enjoy the North-American inspired decor and friendly staff.

Krispy Kreme

Various Locations
Assorted dozen from Krispy Creme

The hype of Krispy Kreme doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a mention. The fluffiest doughnuts to hit a chain store, these guys may be frying up doughnuts on a huge scale, but it doesn’t take a toll on the quality. A night in with the girls calls for an assorted 12-box at the Manukau drive-thru. Opting for a classic glazed doughnut is usually an unpopular choice when faced with options like apple custard crumble and a caramel dulce de leche filled doughnuts, however, its sweet simplicity is a must-try for any doughnut fiend.

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