Carrot Cake Lovers, Here Are Decidedly Auckland's Best

By Cayley Nel
Carrot cake

With the word ‘carrot’ in its name, surely, we can claim it's healthy, right? Either way, we’re currently obsessed with carrot cake–Especially when it’s slathered in cream cheese icing. To find out where to devour your next piece, read our top picks below. 

Corelli's Cafe Devonport

46 Victoria Road, Devonport

When any Auckland foodie mentions carrot cake, expect to hear the word Corelli's mentioned soon after. This popular cafe, nestled under Mount Victoria, is home to one of the best. Created as a double-layered cake, you can expect an abundance of cream cheese icing. Both layers are thick, smooth, and creamy, with the top rustically decorated using nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Not only does it look incredible, but you can certainly count on it to fill you up. The cake itself is also jam-packed with nuts and raisins, scoring it additional points for nutrition. Plus, you can choose to pair your slice with either cream or yogurt. 

Ripe Deli

172-174 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn

Ripe Deli continues to impress with their vibrant cabinets filled with an abundance of sweet and savoury goodies. While we wish, we could work our way through it all; we often find ourselves turning to their iconic gluten-free carrot cake. This bad boy is made using a combination of walnuts, aromatic spices, pineapple, and topped divine cream cheese icing. You can choose to order a full cake online, or grab a slice at both their Smales Farm and Grey Lynn location. 

Mezze Bar

9 Durham Street East, Auckland CBD

Located just off Queen Street on Durham Lane, Mezze Bar is an ideal pick-me-up in between work or uni Known for their mouth-watering, house-made cakes; you can expect their carrot cake to be top-notch. Oozing simplicity, the slice is topped with exceptionally smooth cream cheese icing and lightly decorated with nuts and dried fruit. Although the icing is slightly on the runnier side, the consistency contrasts perfectly with the firm yet moist cake. After your first visit, you’ll quickly see why Mezze Bar is a popular go-to spot. 

Circus Circus

447 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Carrot Cake from Circus Circus

In addition to its cosiness, theatrical ambience, and incredible service, Circus Circus is home to some of the best cabinet desserts in town. Amongst a selection of cheesecake, crumble, and mousse, you'll spot their massive carrot cake. This crowd favourite is served as a thick slice, with a generous amount of cream cheese icing, and delicately topped with dried apricots, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. Big enough to share, it makes for a delightful date-night spot. 

Rocket Kitchen

597 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden

When it comes to celebratory cakes, Rocket Kitchen has got you covered. Rather than keeping it too simple, their team decided to switch it up by offering two slightly different flavours. First up, we have the 'Carrot Pineapple Cake'. The addition of pineapple creates an extra moist consistency, which is then paired with a thick layer of passionfruit cream cheese icing.  The passionfruit vibe continues, with their second option titled 'Carrot Passionfruit Cake’. While this cake runs truer to the classic, it still provides a tangy kick with passionfruit curd aesthetically swirled on top. Sounds too good not to try! 

The Caker

446 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
Carrot Pecan Cake from The Caker

Last but not least, we have The Caker. Once again, baker Jordan has added her own special touch, titling it ‘Carrot Pecan Cake’. After taking your first bite, you’ll be greeted with a moist lightly spiced cake, and enjoy the subtle crunch instigated by toasted pecans dotted throughout. These flavours, combined with the insane cinnamon-spiced cream cheese icing and delicious swirls of salted caramel will lead you feeling ultimately satisfied. 

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