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Everywhere Good To Eat In Howick

By Shae Parsons
Ultimate burger from Apothecary

Howick is fast becoming one of the ‘spots to be’ in Auckland, why not try it for yourself? With some of the best brunch spots in town, Howick is a great place for east Aucklanders to get their foodie fix without a hike or for those who want to try something new.

The Apothecary Licensed Bar & Eatery

27 Picton Street, Howick
Rib platter from The Apothecary

A Howick staple, you’ll usually be recommended this by any seasoned east Auckland foodie. This joint does a little bit of everything – food, drinks, lunch. You name it, and you can probably get it from this joint. For those wanting to escape the stresses of modern-day life, take a step into The Apothecary’s elegant 1950’s décor and unwind.

Urban In East

121 Picton Street, Howick

There are cafes, and then there is Urban In East. You’ll never find this corner-café empty, as the food and drinks sold here have that certain inner-city feel – minus the parking dilemmas and with a much more relaxed atmosphere. Their French Toast gets a special mention, as do their specialty lattes and mochas. 

The Tearooms at Shamrock Cottage

73 Selwyn Road, Howick

Located in the historically rich Shamrock Cottage, The Tearooms are a perfect place to unwind. Nestled in the heart of Howick, The Tearooms offer a wide variety of delicious homemade patisseries, hot drinks, and a sunny courtyard. Perfect for an afternoon escape, this spot is a love letter to the dining culture of yesteryear.


127 Picton Street, Auckland
The spread from Basalt

Quickly becoming a favourite of those young and old, Basalt can be a classy dinner or a big night out. Reviving the local nightlife scene, Basalt has regular Thursday-night events showcasing some of the finest local talent. All this combined with a stellar menu of grilled steaks and bistro favourites makes Basalt a cornerstone part of the Howick culinary community.

The Good Home

Modern New Zealand
78 Picton Street, Howick

With an emphasis on home-style cooking with a twist, The Good Home is an ode to suburban simplicity. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated dining experience, a nifty local place to hold your 21st, or just a quiet place to wind down with a few drinks, The Good Home Howick is the place to go. 

Daisy Chang

Asian Fusion
31 Picton Street, Howick
Daisy Chang's take on Asian street food

A much-needed breath of fresh air into the east Auckland dining scene, Daisy Chang is a sophisticated take on Asian street food. With fresh baos, hawker rolls and some salacious stories about the restaurant’s namesake, you’ll immediately fall victim to Daisy’s charms. Each dish is an explosion of flavours, a party of condiments dancing in the most enticing fashion with every bite. With many of the pieces adorning the eatery being genuine vintage items that were once home to the shop that lived there before, the restaurant feels less like a hole-in-the-wall joint and something out of a quirky Wes Anderson movie.

La Padella

3 Moore Street, Howick

An old favourite, La Padella has moved from its original spot nestled in Highland Park to in the heart of Howick. Boasting some of the most unforgettable Italian cuisine in the neighbourhood, every local grew up with a favourite dish from this local favourite. There is no unnecessary fuss with this spot, just great food and a no-nonsense approach to the way they serve their customers. 

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