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Hot Dog Hot Spots

By Kate Coulter-Smith
hot dog with bacon and toppings

The treasured hot dog is undoubtedly an iconic piece of food which has endured in popularity all over the world. We see them in movies, we seem them on our BBQs - the hot dog is a household staple. While New Yorkers may take the credit for the best hot dogs, Auckland City’s gourmet hot dogs would certainly give them a run for their money. Here is a list of our favourites.

Ugly Hotdogs

Roaming Food Truck
Ugly Hotdogs

Don’t let the name put you off, Ugly Hotdogs certainly provides the goods. This highly sought after food truck keeps things simple but effective with only three options on the menu. These include; the “Cheesy Nacho Dog”, “Original Ugly Dog”, and the “Cheesy Potato Dog”. All of their hot dogs are handmade into the classic Frankfurter and fried. You will find that they are smothered in New Zealand-made cheese and coated in their “Special Ugly Hotdogs Batter”. Catch their truck parked up regularly at the Auckland City, Takapuna, and Glenfield markets.

Lord Of The Fries

18 Commerce Street + 183 Karangahape Road

We couldn’t complete a hot dog list without including the legendary Lord of the Fries. While this place is certainly set up for our vegan/vegetarian comrades, their hot dogs are so delicious even the steadfast meat-eaters have subsided and revelled in these veggie-friendly hot dogs. Similar to Ugly Hotdogs, the hot dog menu is concise with three popular options available. The “Tijuana” is described as the Mexican inspired hot dog with a veggie sausage that gets a flavour kick with jalapenos, cheese, onions, and spicy tomato sauce as well as sour cream. Next up is the “Chicago”, an ode to the classic American hot dog. This hot dog is piled high with the traditional fixings - like crunchy pickles, relish, peppers, and a generous drizzle of mustard and celery salt. Finally, we have the “Melbourne” which is both simple and classic consisting of only cheese and onion topped with mustard and ketchup. Let us not forget all of these juicy hot dogs are 100% vegan. Find Lord of the Fries online, or on Karangahape Road and Commerce Street.

Good Dog Bad Dog

7/21 Queen Street, Auckland CBD
Good Dog Bad Dog

This may be Auckland’s best kept hot dog secret at the moment, but we are willing to share. There is a new big dog in town, going by the name of David Lee and he is the brains behind the Good Dog Bad Dog operation. His menu is entirely devoted to the hot dog itself, with some heavenly creations in store for us.. Let’s start with the “Dirty Dog” – this delicacy is concocted of the time-honoured frank sausage, Swiss cheese, corned beef, sauerkraut, and a very secret special sauce, all topped with chives. The universally-loved and decadent “Chilli Cheese Dog” is a frank sausage doused in a house-made spiced chilli mince, cheddar cheese sauce, and chives all nestled up in a home-baked bun. The “Good Dog” is made for our veggie/vegan friends, offering a plant-based sausage, fried tofu, shiitake mushrooms, spicy jalapeños, and truffle mustard to top it off. As a previous pop-up in Newmarket, Good Dog Bad Dog will officially be opening its doors at the newly renovated Commercial Bay at the end of March!

Al's Deli

1/492 Queens Street, Auckland CBD

Al’s Deli may be famous for its doughnuts or authentic Canadian poutine fries, but we’ve found that their hot dogs are also a force to be reckoned with. While there is only one choice on the menu, the “All-dressed Al Dog” this hot dog is certainly quality over quantity. The Montreal inspired hot dog consists of a succulent bratwurst sausage topped with onion, relish, French’s mustard, and coleslaw. All for only $12, the one hot dog is all you'll be needing.

Mr Dog Frites

Roaming Food Truck

To finish off our list, last but not least we have Mr Dog Frites. Their speciality hot dogs are loaded with unique and modern flavours, and these street food enthusiasts are passionate about creating food which celebrates plenty of tastes and textures. Some of their gourmet hot dogs include the Vietnamese inspired “Saigon Fire” – a frankfurter with pickled cucumber, pickled carrot, and spiced peanut crumble. Try something completely different from their “All Day Breakfast Dog” comprised of a frank sausage, homemade baked beans, egg, and crispy bacon, all wrapped up in a fresh roll. To find these delicious hot dogs, check out the Mr Dog Frites Facebook page to keep track of where they land next. These guys are available to cater to large events and have even been the focal point of many a New Zealand wedding. We approve this union!

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