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Our Favourite Auckland Fried Chicken Joints

By Grace Noles
wu and you's buttermilk fried chicken

Crispy, crunchy fried chicken. It's become one of the most popular growing trends of the last few years, and for good reason – it's delicious. And so versatile! Whether you like it hot hot or you're all about the dipping sauces, Auckland has a pretty impressive repertoire of fried chicken eateries, and we've rounded up the five best for you to try!

Image Source: Wu & You.

The Coop

90 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
The Coop Jerk Fried Chicken.

A whole eatery dedicated to jerk fried chicken – The Coop easily tops our list. Locally sourcing all of their products, as well as making sure all their chicken is gluten-free, The Coop shines with the passion, effort, and thought put into each box. Choose between their whooping nine flavours of fried chicken, with our favourites including the Hot Honey, Vietnam chicken, Harissa smoked chicken, and Hot House for a bit of spice. The chicken arrives crunchy, full of flavour, perfectly moist, and generously packed with the flavouring of your choice.


2a / 48 Courthouse Lane, Auckland Central
Pocha Korean Fried Chicken.

Nothing beats Korean fried chicken; between the mouthwatering spices and sauces and the overall crunch-level, KFC is the best kind of fried chicken. And Pocha does some of the best Korean fried chicken in Auckland. Once again, Pocha provides plenty of flavour options, including our favourite spicy & sweet and their almond chicken. Prepare for it to get totally messy, as they bring you a very generous sized portion, perfect for sharing amongst the table. Pro Tip for first times: Opt for the Ban Ban Chicken and you'll receive a half and half portion of original and spicy chicken to dive into.

Peach's Hot Chicken

100 Queens Road, Panmure
Peach's Hot Chicken OG Sandwich.

Cult-favourites, Peach's Hot Chicken was so popular they had to create a permanent home for themselves as their pop-ups and food trucks sold out again and again. You'll want to head over earlier in the day, to avoid the risk of selling out (which happens most weekends). Serving up traditional Nashville hot chicken, Peach's chicken is delightfully light and fluffy before you reach the juicy piece of chicken cooked to perfection in the centre. Enjoy it on its own (with your choice of light or dark meat) or on one of their legendary burgers, packed with pickles, slaw, and all the sauce on a brioche bun, or better yet, on their chicken and waffles with chilli maple syrup.

Wu & You

399 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Wu's Buttermilk Fried Chicken.

Just thinking about Wu & You's fried chicken gets our mouths watering. The buttermilk battered chicken arrives to your table steaming hot with Wu's Fried Chicken seasoning and a portion of their sriracha mayo for dipping. Pairing perfectly with any of Wu's fruity cocktails and sharing plates (including a fried chicken bao with pineapple, coconut, and coriander) the buttermilk fried chicken is a must-try.

Madam Woo

486 Lake Road, Takapuna
Madam Woo's Five Spiced Fried Chicken.

Looking for something a little fancier? Our go-to for a date night with the option of a side of fried chicken is always Madam Woo. The Takapuna joint mixes the dining enjoyment of a fine restaurant with contemporary Malaysian dishes – one being their Five Spice Fried Chicken. Extra crunchy and spiced to perfection, the ratios between batter, chicken, and spice are ideal for any fried chicken fan. Enjoyed best as one of many sharing dishes at Madam Woo, you may want to order two so there's no fighting.

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