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Places To Go For A Great Steak

By Grace Noles
Steak on white plate next to glass of red wine

Auckland has a plethora of inventive and experimental dishes, many of which are mind-blowing and loveable, but sometimes we just get a craving for some simple, home-cooked food. This is where a steak, cooked to your preference, with a simple jus and side are perfect. It’s the original meat and 3 veg. So, we’ve graciously rounded up the top 5 places to head when all you’re after a perfectly cooked steak.

Botswana Butchery

Ferry Building 99 Quay Street, Auckland CBD
Botswana Butchery

A place of elegance and luxury, Botswana Butchery takes their cuts seriously–The waterfront view is just a bonus! The “From The Butcher’s Block” section features nine different beef cuts from grass-fed Savannah Angus eye fillet to grain-fed Queensland Sanchoku wagyu sirloin. Provided with all the details on your choice, you’re able to make an informed decision and experience what a difference each contributing factor makes. Add a sauce, side, and wine of your choice, and enjoy.

Big Little Grill at Elliott Stables

39-41 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD

Elliott Stables has it all–From authentic Latin American to tempura and bento bowls, but little did you know they also have a great grill restaurant by the name of Big Little Grill. Using only 100% New Zealand farmed meat, they then grill it over a charcoal flame and baste it in their signature sauce. You’ve got the choice between a sirloin or scotch fillet, both premium cuts of course.


26 Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn

With Wagyu being a delicacy amongst Japanese culture, it’s no wonder you’ll find it on Azabu’s refined menu. Paired with salsa and a chimichurri and adobo sauce, the spicy wagyu steak is served in skewers and simply melts away in your mouth. Ask your waiter to help pick out the perfect cocktail pairing from Azabu’s in-house cocktail bar–Roji Bar–And you’ve got yourself a meal you’ll remember for life.

Jervois Steak House

70 Jervois Road, Ponsonby
Jervois Steak House

If a place brands itself as a “steak house” then you’d hope they know they’re stuff–And we can confirm, Jervois Steak House has it on lock. The Jervois Street restaurant has been serving up steak for years, fine-tuning their extensive menu over time. Simply choose your preferred cut (they’ve got a wide range from wagyu to Angus), sauce, and sides to create your perfect meal!

Le Garde Manger

466 Queen Street, Auckland CBD + 265 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

A hidden gem in the busy Auckland center, Le Garde Manger is an authentic French eatery with two convenient locations. As per any good French menu, you’ll find fine cuts of beef, doused in a mushroom or blue cheese sauce. Order the steak however you like it, although we recommend a medium-rare, and enjoy a simple, but exquisite dish.

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