Where To Find The Best Crumpets In Auckland

By Cayley Nel
Crumpets being served with honey

Remember the good old days of eating honey-soaked crumpets in front of the TV before school? Although we can't travel back in time, get ready for a dose of nostalgia as you make your way through our crumpet recommendations below. 


72A Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough
Nectarine, walnut, & ricotta crumpet from Homestead

Located inside Monte Cecilia Park and known as the ‘House on the Hill,’ Homestead makes for an ideal breakfast spot, especially on a sunny day. Included on their all-day menu is a list of crumpets with killer topping combinations. From banana & caramel to lamb & poached egg, there’s a flavour for everyone. All options are plated as a single crumpet, loaded with an abundance of texture and taste. As word has spread, this place can get pretty jam-packed. If you do happen to wait a while, the thought of food should pull you through!

Orphan’s Kitchen 

118 Ponsonby Road, Grey Lynn

Reflecting their dedication towards using local produce, Tom Hishon and Josh Helm have built a rooftop hive above their Orphan's Kitchen Eatery. This homemade honey is then used in several dishes, including their famous burnt butter crumpets. Resembling slices of cake, you can expect to receive two thick, spongy wedges. Unlike any other crumpets you've had before, this will be a dining experience to remember. Drenched in honey, it may sound like a sugar overload. However, the dish provides the perfect amount of sweetness that will leave you ultimately satisfied. 


43 High Street, Auckland CBD
Salmon & avocado crumpets from Chuffed

Identifiable by a vibrant shop sign with black cursive writing, it shouldn’t be too hard to spot Chuffed’s High Street entrance. Following the smell of coffee, you’ll soon pass a colourful mural before reaching the counter. Those after a takeaway will end their journey here, while customers dining-in can continue through the glass door into a narrow blue floored room, home to a selection of wooden tables. After taking a seat and skimming the menu, the crumpets will likely catch your eye. Whether you’re after a sugar or salty fix, these guys have you covered offering both a pear, vanilla, and maple combination as well as salmon, beetroot, and avocado mix. Both options come with two crumpets and are plated with high levels of precision. 

Little & Friday 

11 McColl Street, Newmarket + 234 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby

Through the combination of fresh white interior and large glass windows, Little & Friday offers a delightful environment for a mid-week treat or weekend brunch. If you manage to bypass Kim’s mouth-watering cabinet treats, we applaud you for your exceptional willpower and suggest directing your attention to the crumpets on their menu. Emphasising the notion of quality of quantity, this superb dish comes served as a single fluffy crumpet, delicately topped with blackberry compote, mascarpone, and Fred’s Honeycomb.

Kraken Crumpets 

Roaming Food Truck
Sweet boysenberry crumpet from Kraken

High school sweethearts Amy and Hamish has as much love for crumpets as they do for each other. In 2015, their foodie dreams became a reality as they watched the Kraken Crumpets Food Cart come to life. Now, part of the Auckland Food Truck Collective, you can find these guys at a range of markets and events. Their menu is tailored to both sweet and savoury taste buds with flavours ranging from Banana Salted Caramel to Salmon Cream Cheese. For something simpler, you can also choose between an array of classic toppings such as honey or marmite. To get your hands on one of these insane freshly made crumpets, we suggest keeping an eye on the Auckland Food Truck Finder App.

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