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The Auckland Korean Food Scene

By Gabrielle Lum
Korean duck

In such a culturally diverse city like Auckland, it is no surprise that Asian cuisine is becoming more prevalent. However, Korean food has been taking it to a whole new level tastebuds cannot explain. To satisfy all your Korean food cravings and rumbling tummies, we’ve created the ultimate list of restaurants that will make your heart explode with satisfaction!


9/14 Bishop Lenihan Place, East Tamaki

Neatly tucked away in Botany Junction, this family-owned restaurant is a hidden gem waiting to be uncovered. The atmosphere here is friendly, but you’ll have to get in quick during the weekends as the place fills up due to high demand. Not only is the food made fresh daily, Daamso also prides itself on the authenticity of the food. The menu is filled with dozens of options, guaranteeing to satisfy your tastebuds. Their fresh kimchi is a ‘must-have’ and the ratio of tangy to spicy is perfect. And, you can guarantee the staff will ensure you get nothing but the best experience.

Hansik Restaurant & Bar

9 Drake Street, Freemans Bay
Hansik Restaurant's romantic interior

If you want to feel like royalty on a date, head down to the elegant Hansik Restaurant. The venue has a contemporary feel and an atmosphere that sets Hansik apart from the rest. Due to their popularity, we’d recommended booking in advance to ensure you get the chance to experience this gorgeous restaurant. Unlike other Korean restaurants on this list, Hansik has a degustation menu which ensures that each dish is carefully crafted to compliment the next–Taking out the guesswork, so you can enjoy your dinner date.


1 Courthouse Lane, Auckland CBD

In the heart of the city, Twelve is becoming a popular venue amongst the young crowds–Earning itself a reputation for good food and a good time. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, with a cool and casual interior full of retro vinyl hanging on the walls. The staff are easy-going and affable, keeping in line with the social dining experience. Their menu ensures that they cater to your food cravings and leave your bellies full–Don’t forget the Soju.


7 Bacons Lane, Auckland CBD

A restaurant popular for meals that are made for sharing – OBar sits in the heart of Chancery Square and is one of the ‘must-go’ places for party-goers. The ambience is rather casual, letting you and your friends catch up over a generous platter and drinks that would make your mouth water just by looking at the menu.

Han Restaurant

100 Parnell Road, Parnell
Spread from Han Restaurant

If Western and Korean cuisine got together, Han Restaurant would be the end result. Their menu boasts a range of gourmet dishes–Dishes we guarantee will not disappoint. Han is designed to be marvellous but modest, creating a relaxing vibe ideal for an after-work wind-down. They have a unique perspective on Korean food, emphasising freshness and a blend of ingredients to create the perfect combination of flavours for you to settle your teeth in.

Seoul Night

16-20 Fort Street, Auckland CBD

For those in the know, Seoul Night is a treasured spot. But, as word spreads it’s also becoming more popular by the minute, so make sure you get in before the crowds show up. The decor is unlike the other Auckland Korean spots, with the door camouflaging as a vending machine, muraled brick walls inside, and neon lights illuminating the restaurant. Seoul Night has plenty of options perfect for concocting a three/four/five-course meal, dependant on your hunger. To sweeten the deal, they operate until the late hours of the night, perfect for a midnight snack if you’re in the area.

Dae Bak Korean Restaurant

99 Albert Street, Auckland CBD

Tucked away on bustling Federal Street, Dae Bak KBBQ is an all-you-can-eat treat for those who absolutely love the idea of unlimited meat and Korean side dishes. Dae Bak is a very casual eatery, perfect for group dates allowing you to speak a little louder than normal spots. For an affordable price, there are various options of meats at your disposal and side dishes galore. If you’re up for it, their Soju pairs well with just about everything on offer–Making it the perfect place to end a busy day.


50 Kitchener Street, Auckland CBD
Korean Fried Chicken from Pocha

Last but not least, Pocha lies right by the Metropolitan Hotel in Chancery Square. The restaurant has built a reputation for itself over the last ten years and is continuing to impress patrons daily. The vibe is electrically lively and the staff, attentive, ensuring that you have the best time while dining with them. If you are looking for somewhere that has a bit of everything, from hotpots to Korean fried chicken, the menu boasts flavourful dishes that will cater to everyone’s needs. As the servings sizes are quite large, it is recommended to visit with a group of hungry pals, furthermore, Pocha's late-night hours are perfect for midnight food runs.

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