The Top Foodie FRIENDS Episodes To Binge

By Grace Noles
Joey from friends with a turkey on his head

While it may not even be day one of quarantine, we're bored – So, it's time to start curating our list of everything we want to watch, re-watch, and binge for the next four weeks. Without a doubt, FRIENDS is one of the most entertaining TV shows of all time, whether you're a die-hard fan or free-to-view rerun watcher.

Here is our list of top foodie episodes to keep you entertained, while also possibly sparking some inspiration to get cooking in the kitchen!

(P.S They're all free to view on TVNZ On Demand)

1. The One Where Rachel Puts The Beef In The Trifle

(Source: friends.fandom.com)

While this episode focuses mainly on the Thanksgiving when Ross and Monica snitch on each other to their parents, the subplot includes Rachel's attempt at making an English Trifle. Featuring the classic line "What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Beef, gooood!"

The One With Mockolate

(Source: friends.fandom.com)

Monica's new boss presents her with an impossible task – Make a great-tasting recipe with their new synthetic (disgusting) chocolate product: Mockolate! Full of dangerous side affects, Phoebe describes it as "What evil must taste like".

The One With The Wrong Cheesecake

(Source: friends.fandom.com)

Chandler and Rachel receive a package originally addressed to their neighbour, Mrs Braverman. Containing a cheesecake from Mama's Little Bakery, Chandler and Rachel promise they'll just have one taste.

The One With Phoebe's Grandma's Recipe

(Source: IMDb)

Monica is desperate for Phoebe's grandma's secret chocolate chip recipe, but when it's destroyed in an apartment fire, Monica tries to decipher the recipe from the very last cookie left.

The One With The Birthday Cake

(Source: IMDb)

It's Emma's first birthday and unbeknownst to Rachel and Ross, they order her birthday cake from a store that specialises in human anatomy -shaped cakes – Which they now must fix.

The One With All The Candy

(Source: IMDb)

Monica decides to cook for the neighbours, as her way of getting to know them better. She hangs a basket of chocolates on her door, which the neighbours then get aggressively addicted to.

The One With The Moist-Maker Sandwich

(Source: IMBd)

Ross takes his favourite Thanksgiving-leftovers sandwich to work. Unfortunately, one of his co-workers eats it and Ross loses the plot– ending in a sabbatical.

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