The Ultimate Morning-After Feeds

By Sophia Romanos
centro's halloumi on toast

Puffy faced, severely dehydrated, and potentially missing an ID. The morning after a good night out usually consists of a lot of self-pity, a Maccas run, and an emergency request for Powerade. The urge for anything greasy, salty, sugary, deep-fried, or even mildly unhealthy is overpowering and we are here to tell you there is a solution. After many Sunday mornings spent in horizontal wallowing, we have curated the best next-morning feeds worth prying yourself out of the house for.

Federal Delicatessen

86 Federal Street, Auckland CBD

Hello, salt! The Jewish-American deli conveniently located on Federal Street is your best friend for everything fried, salted, and ridiculously tasty. Start with a cheese curd-soaked (large) poutine and follow it up with the chicken salad sandwich. It sounds healthy, but don’t worry, a secret hack is to order this bad boy toasted and add cheese. The crackling on the chicken along with the gooey cheese will have you feeling better within seconds. Still sound too healthy? It also comes with Fed Deli's famous dipping gravy you will want to drink from the bowl.

Sneaky Snacky

184 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
Donut Burger from Sneaky Snacky

Anything deep-fried is a holy elixir to the hungover and underslept. We present to you the donut burger from Sneaky Snacky. Save yourself on menu-reading time and order the Original, a wagyu beef patty claimed by a glazed donut bun. The juicy texture of the meat solidifies the reason you have dragged yourself out of bed. Grab some of their MSG fries on the side, stuff them in your burger and in your mouth and you’ll be feeling better in no time.


22 Melrose Street, Newmarket

If you’re feeling up to swapping your track pants for a slightly more civilised attire, pop over to Newmarket’s L’affare cafe. Not only is the coffee sure to hit the spot, the breakfast menu has enough variety to cater to all the different hangover cravings. Craving something more clean? The black rice porridge with mango is sure to perk you up, otherwise you can’t go past the breakfast burrito. Between the scrambled eggs, chorizo, and crispy potato, you will find heaven.

Al's Deli

1/492 Queen Street, Auckland CBD
The Holy Tabarnak from Al's Deli

Anything you order from Al’s, is guaranteed to fill that giant, gaping hole in your stomach. The Canadian diner’s 911 mac and cheese burger is always a winner if you’re interested in a delicious sloppy mess that will revive you back from being the walking dead. Pair any menu item with a snickers thick-shake, hard-shake, or even the traditional North American Bloody Caesar for some hair of the dog.

The Baker's Cottage

2 New Bond Street, Kingsland

Refusing to dress appropriately for a Sunday Brunch? Baker’s Cottage is the homely bakery-style cafe that’ll accept you as you are. With cabinets filled with every pie, slice, and panini you can imagine, whatever extravagant craving you have, you can be sure it will be happily satisfied. After dishing out on the drinks and Ubers the night before, Baker’s Cottage is the cheapest and most cheerful of options on a small budget. We reckon the pulled pork toasted sandwich with a chunky caramel slice on the side is always a winner.

Shake Out

Smales Farm + Browns Bay
Burger and fries combo from Shake Out

Basic burgers to hit the spot. Shake Out keeps things sweet and simple, but boy do they do it well. Free range chicken and NZ grass-fed beef sandwiched between two of their famous pillowy potato and pumpkin flour brioche buns. If you’re not in the area of either of their two locations, trust us, it’s worth the trip. The house made sauces are drool-worthy and prove that the juicer the burger – the better. Pair your buns with one of their equally decadent milkshakes to cure you from last night’s endeavours. The cheesecake or lime pistachio flavour is almost a whole meal in itself, equipped with cream, wafers, and a good drizzling of sauce. No complaints here!


161 Sandringham Road, Kingsland

Vegan options galore, Okra is the humble Kingsland one-stop-shop to accommodate everyone. We love the entire menu, but the hashbrowns will always have a special place in our hearts. Instead of your average oval or hash bite sized tater, these guys roll them into a sausage shape, and boy, does it pay off when you crunch into the golden goodness that is your Sunday morning. Whether there’s a bunch of you, or you’re on your lonesome, Okra accommodates all with delicious food (hello brioche french toast) and friendly staff.

Best Ugly Bagels

Various Locations
King Kong from Best Ugly Bagels

Don’t tell us you aren’t craving a rolled hunk of dough after your night on the town. A bagel is as good as panadol for the fragile drinkers, so saddle up and storm into your closest Best Ugly Bagel for your hangover cure. As you receive your bagel in two halves, the best way is to get two flavours with a friend and swap one half. We recommend the Yodi and the King Kong so you get one to satisfy those cheesy cravings and another to hit your sweet tooth just where it should be hit. The King Kong is topped with a caramelised banana cream cheese whip, chocolate sauce and almonds. Finish yourself off with an iced maple and you will be dancing right out of the joint like it’s a Friday morning.

Barilla Dumplings

571 Dominion Road, Balmoral

We couldn’t go through a next-morning feed run-through without mentioning dumplings. Sometimes you just feel like dinner for breakfast, and when you wake up after midday, luckily it’s slightly more acceptable. Barilla nail the classic pork and chive among your other staple flavours for a deliciously affordable price. Sweaters and slides are definitely accepted here as Dominion Road joints ditch the niceties for quality in flavour. Grab the whole crew, order a bunch of options to share and moan about your headaches as you eat your weight in dumplings and other flavourful Chinese dishes. Barilla is also a BYO venue if you’re raring to start drinking all over again. Cheers to your stamina!

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