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Vegan Junk Food Spots

By Kate Coulter-Smith
Vegan Burgers

Let us dispell this age-old myth that being vegan means eating lettuce three times a day. Even the best of the vegans among us like to shell out and treat ourselves to some delicious junk food every now and again. Well, Dish Cult has your back because we’ve found Auckland’s top vegan junk food joints. So suck in your tummy and loosen the top button of your pants, and enjoy our selection.

Lord of the Fries

18 Commerce Street + 179-189 Karangahape Road
The Kiwi Burger from Lord of the Fries

The mantra of the guys at the completely plant-based franchise of Lord of the Fries is “We are ethical, we are vegetarian, we are vegan, we love 90s Hip-Hop, but most of all we love fries!” With these important values comes an even more scrumptious menu. Whether you are in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, dine-in or takeaway they have it all. Woke up feeling rough the morning after? Try their all-day breakfast menu, like their fully vegan “chick n’ waffle” made of Soyabean Protein and 100% fakin’ bacon slathered gloriously in sweet maple syrup. For lunch or dinner choose from their wide selection of burgers, so vast it serves to suit every taste bud. Our personal favourite is the “Premium Original Burger” which is everything you’d expect from a burger minus the cow. The premium burger uses the world-renowned “beyond-meat patty” and carefully selected vegan cheese, pickles, Belgian mayo, tomato sauce, and mild American mustard. If you happen to be craving a juicy hot dog, you can choose between three vegan hot dogs “Melbourne”, “Chicago”, and the “Tijuana” with a mix of condiments including, crunchy pickles, relish, peppers, jalapenos, vegan sour cream/cheese, and onions. Find Lord of the Fries online or on Karangahape Road and Commerce Street.

Wise Boy Burgers

604 Great North Road, Grey Lynn
Fush n Chips from Wise Boys

Looking for something plant-based but also a little bit indulgent? Take a look at Wise Boys “Fancy Boys” burger selection. Enjoy the “Hungry Jack” consisting of slow-cooked smokey BBQ 'pulled-not-pork' jackfruit with grilled pineapple, tangy slaw and their signature garlic aioli. In 2020 being Vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the Kiwi favourite fish and chips. Wise Boys have made sure of this by providing a welcomed alternative of “Fush and Chips”. These are comprised of a crispy beer-battered banana blossom vegan 'fish', served with a portion of fries and a housemade tangy tartare sauce. Find these bad boys at their store in Grey Lynn or visit their food truck at various events and festivals around Auckland.


Various Locations
The Alternative Muscle from Burgerfuel

Everybody knows BurgerFuel and the consistent quality food they provide all across New Zealand. Well now everyone can have a bite because BurgerFuel has created a vegan menu to die for. The “V8 Vegan” is more than just any old vegan burger. It consists of handmade balls of pumpkin, carrot, chickpea, and ginger with a special BurgerFuel vegan aioli. They’ve even assured us that their spud fries, kumara fries, and motobites are cooked so that they can be enjoyed by all vegans. To top it all off, BurgerFuel has created tasty dairy-free thick shakes made with creamy soy ice-cream and soy milk, coming in a selection of flavours including; chocolate, caramel, strawberry and banana.

Tart Bakery

183 Karangahape Road + 555 Great North Road
Pan au Chocolat from Tart Bakery

Established in 2012, this all-vegan bakery is a family run business founded by Philippa, a mother of five children. Why? Simply because she loved baking, and wanted to share this passion with her neighbourhood – thus Tart Bakery was born. Philippa and her bakers wake up every morning at 3 am to make for you the most heavenly vegan treats. The menu is seasonal and ever-changing, but just to wet your taste buds, you must try their delicate carrot cake cupcakes or any of their vegan doughnuts. Our favourite being the raspberry cheesecake swirl (featuring real raspberries and no artificial flavourings). This menu is bursting with flaky pastries that are covered in sweet Summer fruits like blueberries, pomegranates, and apricots. Whatever baked good you choose, you can be assured that everything on the menu is made with love.

Duck Island Ice Cream

1/182 Ponsonby Road + 2-8 Osborne Street
A trio of Duck Island Ice Cream

Let us finish our round-up with the holy grail of ice cream. Duck Island is infamous for its enticing flavours which use the freshest and best quality ingredients that can possibly be sourced. Well, vegans rejoice because they offer an extensive range of dairy-free/vegan ice creams, made with coconut milk. We give you absolute permission to swoon over their salted chocolate brownie or the coconut caramel, sesame, chocolate and peanut flavour or live dangerously and try the vegan strawberry coconut lime leaf. Find these mouthwatering vegan flavours at their shops in both Ponsonby and Newmarket.

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