Where To Find Cornish Pasties In Auckland

By Shannel Milne
cornish pasty in auckland

Cornish pasties are an ode to the old times, combining a soft centre with a crispy crust. Baked goods never tasted so good. 

The Ansum Pasty Co.

Catalina Bay Farmers Market, Hobsonville Point
Ansum's Pasties fresh out the oven (Source: The Ansum Pasty Company)

You’ll find The Ansum Pasty Company stall standing proud at the Catalina Bay farmers market serving up flaky pastries – they’re a crowd favourite. Get in quick as it’s likely these beauties won’t last too long; the classic Cornish pasties are only $8! Using flavourful skirt steak, finely diced swede and potatoes, the pasties are then baked to perfection on site. They have other options available like the cheese and onion pastry, which is just as good as you'll remember. Take your buttery treat away so you can enjoy everything the market has to offer. The farmers market graces the Bay Friday-Sunday from 8.30am-2pm so if you miss out on snagging one of The Ansum’s delicious baked goods then you can always come back the next day.

The Kitchen Door

132 Pinecrest Drive, Gulf Harbour

Customers rave about The Kitchen Door serving the best Cornish pasties in town, made in-house for the freshest taste. They make both a traditional Cornish pastie and two vegetarian versions. The classic version combines skirt steak, swede, potatoes, onions, seasoning and an egg glaze covering the homemade pastry. The first vegetarian option is simply made without the addition of meat and the second is a twist on the classic. Using steamed potatoes, sauteed onions and sundried tomatoes paired with an 18-month aged tasty cheddar cheese sauce. All of the options available are delicious!

Westmere Butchery

131 West End Road, Westmere

Westmere Butchery has the finest cuts of beef, lamb and chicken. It’s a one stop shop for dinner or a quick snack. They use their fresh cuts of meat in an array of freshly baked goods. Westmere Butchery also have a wide selection of international delicacies like haggis, black pudding, biltong, and Cornish pasties. If you’d like to try something different or miss the taste of home then the Westmere Butchery can fulfil all of your dreams. One of the most important aspects of creating a Cornish Pasty is, of course, the pastry itself. Using hot water short crust pastry is a necessity and it must be crimped on the side, a signature of sorts. Then you add in all of the classic ingredients; the finest cut of steak, veg and gravy. Westmere Butchery nails the authentic flavour of the Cornish pasty.

Pioneer Pies

247 Dairy Flat Highway, Albany Village

Pioneer Pies have a revolving variety of baked goods, some of their classics stick around all year long like the kiwi favourite mince and cheese pie. But on special occasions they have newcomers like the Cornish Pasty. Make sure to call ahead in advance or check out their website for updates on what’s new. Pioneer Pies make our beloved Cornish pasties the traditional way, meaning none of the ingredients are precooked – everything cooks together once the pasty has been loaded up. You’ll enjoy a bite of flaky pastry, soft potato and swede, steak, and a delicious gravy.

Bakehouse Café

250 State Highway 16, Kumeū
Bakehouse Cafe Kumeu's Pasties (Source: Bakehouse Cafe)

Bakehouse Café in Kumeu has been called a dreamland for baked goods by many customers. Their range of food covers everything from sweet treats like doughnuts and cookies, to cult favourite pies, doughy pizzas and indulgent coffees. This is a perfect place to stop if you’re on a road trip, in the area, or in dire need of a traditional Cornish Pasty. Baked fresh every day. The pastry itself is the perfect combination of buttery and flaky with a crimped crust that crunches with every bite. The centre is a gooey explosion of unique gravy, meat and a selection of veg. 

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