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Where To Get The Best Pork Belly Dishes In Auckland

By Shannel Milne
little jimmy's pork belly

The cold weather means warm, heartier meals. And there’s one we love the most: Pork Belly. The perfect combination of succulent and crisp meat, it's no wonder we get so excited seeing it on the menu when we're out. Here are all the best places to order pork belly in Auckland.

Little Jimmy

557-559 Manukau Road, Epsom
Little Jimmy's Pork Belly.

Little Jimmy has one goal with their menu, to serve up hearty fresh meals. Each dish is simple yet elegant, capturing classic Kiwi flavours. Their menu offers options such as potato gnocchi, Wagyu beef short rib and the best pork belly in town. They cover every dish you need to fight off the cold weather. Their Freedom Farms pork belly is a free-range succulent cut that provides both the crisp crust and succulent meaty interior. This is served with a light carrot and ginger puree, Puy lentils, spicy chorizo and crisp apple. The flavourful pork belly is perfectly balanced with the fresh and tasty puree, creating a punchy dish that’s hard to beat. Better yet, this dish is both gluten and dairy free, perfect for any dietary requirements around the table.

Wu & You

399 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden
Wu & You's Five Spiced Pork Belly.

Wu & You invites you on a flavourful journey that combines authentic Chinese delicacies and New Zealand cuisine. The dynamic menu is influenced by both modern and traditional flavours. They serve up perfectly seasoned pork belly in every way you could imagine; in burgers, bao buns, dumplings, and on its own. If you’re looking for something light and unforgettable or a big plate of something delicious there are options for every level of hunger. The five spiced pork belly has a hoisin and star anise glaze that tastes like Christmas and offers a delicious crunch. This dish is served with a Malaysian slaw, fried garlic and peanuts. However, it’s their sticky steamed pork belly bao bun that keeps us coming back!


The Strand, Takapuna Beach
Franc's Crispy Pork Belly.

All of Franc's dishes are influenced by their American roots, they have garnered inspiration from contemporary street food – offering a menu of exquisite tastes and textures. A stand out dish on their menu is Steve’s pork belly rosti; with crispy pork belly, potato rosti, gooey poached eggs, hollandaise and pickles. It’s everything you need and more. They also have two other mains focusing on the perfection of pork belly. The sticky pork belly dog, with kimchi slaw and chilli waffle fries. This dish is incredibly messy but so delicious you’ll lick your fingers clean afterwards. There’s also the pork belly with char sui glaze, served on top of fresh coconut rice and greens with a sprinkle of chilli and sesame seeds.


4 Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert
Chinoiserie's pork belly bao bun.

Chinoiserie serves up a delicious selection of Taiwanese street food and Asian fusion cuisine. They specialise in outstanding bao buns. The Gua bao buns come with an array of fillings from tofu, squid, chicken or pork. In typical bao fashion the steamed bread sets the stage for what lies within. Chinoiserie’s five spice pork belly bao buns leave you wanting more. Alongside the pork is salted choy, cucumber and coriander, gong sauce and crushed roasted peanuts. Each serving comes with one generous sized, flavourful bao.

One Tree Grill

9 Pah Road, Epsom
One Tree Grill's Pork Belly.

One Tree Grill has created a menu that portrays only the best dishes, combining both European and New Zealand cuisine. With Grill in their name, you can expect your meat to be expertly cooked and more than you could imagine in taste. One Tree Grill know how to exceed expectations. Their free-range pork belly melts in your mouth and has the perfect layer of crisp skin across the top. It’s served with celeriac, poached quince that’s rich in flavour, shaved fennel, and choy sum. You can get this dish al la carte or indulge in the luxurious 3 course menu.

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