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Where To Grab Dessert In Auckland

By Sophia Romanos
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No night is complete without that little something-something after dinner. Roaming around Auckland with indecisive friends and a sweet tooth is an easy fix when you know the best spots to hit first. Get ready to lick, dunk, and drizzle your way through our favourite dessert gems around the city.

Federal Delicatessen

American, Dessert
Auckland CBD

The hive of activity–Federal Street. If you haven’t strolled under the fairy lights and the Sky Tower before chowing down on Federal Deli’s pies, free up your Friday night! Al Brown’s Fed Deli is the comfort food you hope to see in a New York diner. Sit outside for the city’s best view of the Sky Tower, or slide past the excited chatter inside and take a seat at one of the small tables or booths. If you’re just visiting for a sweet snack - let us walk you through the pies to put tears in your eyes. Banoffee, coconut, cherry and chocolate, PB&J, and New York style cheesecake are just a few of the offerings to slide your fork into. Getting the 3-way board of your choice of any three pies is highly recommended if you’re with company and you can bear to share a nibble.

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Cafe, Dessert
Mount Eden

Frasers never fails to deliver on an impromptu date night. Perched on its very own corner in Mount Eden Village, the restaurant is a popular and bustling location to satisfy your sweet cravings no matter what time of the day. Their signature tiramisu, cashew cheesecake, or selection of cabinet cakes will have you eyeing up the tables around you until your dessert is served. Open until 11pm, you can safely pretend you didn’t forget your 10-year anniversary with a late night out.

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Euro Bar

European, Dessert, Great view
The Viaduct

For a view as pleasing as the desserts, be sure to pop Euro down on your list. The unique menu includes roast banana parfait and cheesecake cigars with mandarin ice cream and fennel. Sitting by the water reflecting the big city lights, Euro adds a little something special to your night as you dig into unique dishes that tell a story of their own.

Baker's cottage

Cafe, Dessert, Cheap and cheerful

Cheap and cheerful, this Kingsland institution is your one-stop-shop for every classic Kiwi sweet treat. Sunday hangovers are welcomed with a store-length row of cabinets stuffed with everything from the humble lolly cake and thick caramel slices, to salted caramel stuffed donuts. For a quiet chat under the heaters, you could kill many hours here and dangerously keep going back for more until you’ve tried it all. When you’ve left it too late to whip up a cake for guests, Baker’s Cottage will always have your back, with a whole cabinet dedicated to decadent cakes that will excite even the smallest sweet tooth.

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The Pie Piper

American, Dessert
Karangahape Road

Us Kiwis are notorious for our love of pie, but when it comes to sweet pie, we leave it to the North Americans. The Pie Piper is your number one spot for a quick sugar hit. With red and white checkered tablecloths, neon signs, and pies by the truckload filling the cabinets, this little hideaway is perfect for a quick catch up or to grab one to save for snacking later. From coconut cream to key lime, The Pie Piper has something for everyone - including their sister brand Doornuts. Say hello to everything your five-year-old mind could dream of on a donut. Strawberry cheesecake, the maple bourbon donut bar, and vegan donuts unite - they’ve got it all. These decadent goodies can also be delivered to your door through Uber Eats. The future is now.

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Karangahape Road

Steps away from The Pie Piper is wholesome cookie heaven with Moustache’s flagship store. If you’re looking for an on-the-go treat or a quick way to say thank you, look no further than a Snickers or Nutella filled cookie from their takeaway window. These guys are passionately creative with their flavours, including Oreo marshmallow and cinnamon donut cookies, and yes, they taste as good as they look. Why settle with just the cookies when you could be dunking them? Whether it’s a plain glass of milk, a shake, or a coffee, the cookie and milk combo is a childhood classic and should not be forgotten.

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Chocolate Boutique

European, Dessert, Locally sourced

Stroll up Parnell Road and hit up The Chocolate Boutique. For everything creamy, decadent, and chocolate,​ we promise you, you’re in good hands. The little shop is a taste of Europe with its homely interior and walls packed with treats available for purchase. The Kahlúa chocolate cheesecake with a praline base is a destination all in itself, and after you’ve had your chocolate quota for the year, you can shop around their packaged treats for easy presents–Or to eat on the car ride home.

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