Where To Head For A Plate Of Waffles

By Sophia Romanos
waffles on board with berries and cream

The breakfast staple we know and love. Waffles are traditionally simplistic and loved with a drizzle of maple syrup or some fresh fruit – but in true Auckland fashion, waffles are no longer that simple. Stack them, slap them with mascarpone, or pack them with fried chicken and bacon, here’s where to go for your waffle fix!

Dear Jervois

234 Jervois Road, Herne Bay
Waffles from Dear Jervois

If you’ve been in Auckland a while you would have heard the raving reviews about this place. If you’re new to Auckland–Get ready to hear the glory. Dear Jervois is King of the matcha waffle. Topped with ice cream, paleo nuts & quinoa crunch, raspberry mascarpone & maple syrup, this combination is overwhelmingly flavourful and perfect for the ‘gram. They also have a gluten-free waffle option or a killer Donkatsu pork and herb savoury waffle if you’re saving yourself for dessert. While you’re waffling to the person next to you, grab the little ones one of Dear Jervois’ legendary unicorn white hot chocolates–It’ll distract them from wanting a bite off of your plate.

House of Chocolate

5/62-68 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
Apple Spiced Waffles from House of Chocolate

Head out to the shore and pack your sweet tooth. True to its name, House of Chocolate is the chocolate haven of Auckland. Additionally, it is also home to some seriously decadent waffles. A whole menu dedicated to traditional Belgium Liege waffles is ready to welcome and overwhelm you. It’s hard to choose between the strawberry s’mores, or the Dulche de Leche, but with NZ salted caramel ice cream, banana chips, fresh banana, coconut and popcorn, all drizzled with their house-made caramel sauce – The Dulche takes the cake. Make sure to buy some Belgian chocolates for your nearest and dearest whilst you’re here...If they last the drive.

Happy Boy

705a Manukau Road, Royal Oak

Sprinkles, whipped cream, bacon and salted caramel-You name it, you can choose it. Happy Boy is the perfect neon utopia for your waffle fix at a cheap and cheerful price. Choose from a whole range of toppings (or load them all up) and you’ll rethink your decision to share the dessert with your date. Berry coulis, chocolate sauce, and a scoop of ice cream is a hot combo.


Various Locations
Waffles from Melba

We can all be sceptical of chain cafes but Melba deserves nothing less than praise-Especially in the waffle department. Sweet or savoury you can’t go wrong here as they take standard flavours and toppings to the next level. The fluffy buttermilk waffles with buttermilk sorbet, white chocolate mousse, rhubarb jelly, rhubarb curd, & house-made marshmallows are a sweet tooth pleaser for any time of the day.

Bald Eagle Diner

89 Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay

Hungry for a waffle with a view? Go to BED – No, don’t go to sleep, we mean the Bald Eagle Diner. For when you’re nostalgic for the 50’s poodle skirts and milkshake-date era, head over to this retro diner for a swingin’ time–Jukebox and all. If you’re here to satisfy your hunger, opt for the spiced buttermilk fried chicken and waffles in true American fashion-Bacon is of course, available as an add on and we would definitely recommend. If you’re strolling around the waterfront late into the evening and are keen for a sweet treat, the dessert waffles are sure to please with your choice of ice cream and heavily drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate sauce. Wash it all down with a not-so-innocent Coco-pops and Havana rum hard-shake. Winner, winner, waffle dinner.

Double Dutch Fries

7 Elliott Street, Auckland CBD
Stroopwafels from Double Dutch Fries

Put aside your Western expectation of a waffle aside for a quick sec - the humble Dutch stroopwafel still scrapes into the category. For a place that’s named after fries, Double Dutch Fries sure do make a killer waffle. Two thin spiced biscuit-y layers with a caramel sauce sandwiched in between, this classic Dutch treat is perfect to carry around with your coffee as you explore the streets of Takapuna. For that extra sugar hit, opt for the chocolate-dipped stroopwafel and choose a topping such as baby marshmallows or nuts. Yes please!

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