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Where To Splurge On Your Next Cheat Meal

By Sophia Romanos
Cheat meals you can have when going to a restaurant

So you’ve been dieting all week and it’s time for a splurge! Or maybe you just deserve a treat-yourself day and you’re ready to get your hands stuck into some grease. Whatever your intention, it’d be rude to not explore the naughty array of goods Auckland has on offer and share the exciting buzz that lights the public up when we can delve into some damn good kai. Here we present to you the best places to splurge on your next cheat meal.

Sneaky Snacky

Asian Fusion
184 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD
The signature Donut Burger from Sneaky Snacky

Tucked away in the Lim Chhour food court, Sneaky Snacky has the perfect combination of sweet and savoury all stacked into a burger. Did we mention they used glazed or original donuts as their buns? These burgers are decadently spot-on when it comes to a cheat meal. There is a vege burger for you aubergine lovers, however, our go-to is the juicy fried chicken, mayo, and cucumber option. Pop on over, grab a side of fries, get your hands dirty, and tell us that’s not the fluffiest donut you’ve ever had.

The Coop

90 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
Fried Chicken from The Coop

Nothing screams cheat day like a giant stack of fried chicken, and we know just the place to cure that craving. The Coop in Takapuna is a cute joint, with an extensively delicious menu. Don’t feel too bad munching through the menu, as all the chicken is free-range and gluten-free! Take your pick of nine different types, from original and hot honey to blue cheese and Caribbean. Pair it with some hushpuppy fries or a Po’Boy, and you’ve got yourself one helluva cheat-meal.


72 Taharoto Rd, Smales Farm
Burgers and Fries from Shakeout

Classic burgers come one, come all! With free-range chicken and NZ grass-fed Beef, the attention to quality here really shows as both options are equally as juicy when sandwiched in between their signature pillowy, potato and pumpkin flour brioche buns. Shakeout keep it simple when it comes to the ingredients, which leaves them plenty of room to nail every element, including their house-made sauces. If you make the trip out here, don’t look past grabbing a cheesecake or lime pistachio milkshake, it acts more like a dessert than something to wash your burger down, so prepare yourself for the whole shebang of cream, sauce, biscuit crumble and wafers.

Brothers Juke Joint BBQ

5 Akiraho Street, Mount Eden
The Lunch Deal from Brothers Juke Joint BBQ

Vegetarians look away. If you’re keen to get stuck into some seriously meaty business, Juke Joint is your first stop. Grab some naked meat like the salt and pepper rubbed beef brisket or smoked pulled pork that’s been spiced in Juke’s own spicy sauce and be sure to get a large side of their tater tot poutine with lashings of gravy and cheese curds. Hit up their location in Mount Eden for some equally great beers with their space shared with the guys at Brother’s Beer.


12 Gore Street, Auckland CBD
Hot Chip Ice Cream Cone from Giapo

It’s not a cheat day if ice cream isn’t involved. Giapo has the innovation, flavours, and location collectively nailed to make it the destination of your night out before you stroll on down to the waterfront. The Giapo Buono (that just so happens to be gluten-free) contains a whip of caramel, hazelnut praline, and amaretti, making it our top pick in the ice cream department. However, if you’re looking to bring your cheat day to a climactic finish, choose one of the creatively outrageous cones they are famous for. A notable mention is the King of Cones–A giant (60-centimetres to be exact) puff pastry cone that is filled from top to bottom with chocolate, whipped cream, hazelnut spread, and of course ice cream!

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