Whip Up Brunch With The Best Pancake Toppings

By Grace Noles
pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

A stack of fluffy pancakes is enough to get anyone excited when spotted on a breakfast menu – even the fussiest of eaters! Even better, they're just as easy to whip up in your kitchen – And we know exactly how to get a picture-perfect pancake stack that'll have all your fellow self-isolaters jealous.

The Pancakes

First step is making the pancakes – Here's our go-to no-nonsense recipe using ingredients you'll already have in the pantry!

The Toppings

Protein pancakes with seasonal fruit

One thing that makes pancakes that extra bit amazing – their versatility. Whether you're in the mood for a simple classic such as lemon and sugar or you're wanting to pile it high with streaky bacon, there's a different combo for every morning craving.

Have a look at some of our favourite tried and tested combinations.

Lemon juice and white sugar

A cube of butter and drizzle of golden syrup

Mixed berries (throw them in a bowl and microwave for one minute) and crispy bacon

Vanilla ice cream with crushed up Oreos

Nutella pancakes

Seasonal fruit salad – Melon, mango, and kiwifruit is our favourite

Peanut butter and raspberry jam/jelly

Apple sauce dusted with cinnamon

Greek yoghurt and honey

Ice cream and chocolate sauce – for a real dessert pancake

Dark chocolate shavings with raspberry coulis

Dark chocolate and raspberry pancakes

Banana, whipped cream, and chopped nuts

Choc-chip pancakes – throw them into the batter

Nutella dusted with icing sugar

Strawberry and chopped banana

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