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Your 2021 Guide To Auckland's Best Hot Cross Buns

By Grace Noles
hot cross buns glazed on a tray

We're quickly coming up to arguably the most delicious holiday of the year. Easter cuisine is all about the sweet stuff, from chocolate eggs everywhere you look to Bundt Cake and toasty Hot Cross Buns, it's a sweet-tooth's dream.

Here at Dish Cult, our favourite part of Easter is the hype around Hot Cross Buns. From early March, we have our ears to the ground on where to get the best HCBs and we've rounded up the very best ones to buy this year. Place your orders now, they're flying out the door daily!

Bread & Butter

$1.81 per bun
Grey Lynn, Ponsonby, Whangaparaoa
Bread & Butter's organic Hot Cross Buns.

With 30,000 hot cross buns under their belt each year, it goes without saying: Bread & Butter's Hot Cross Buns are a winner. Taking pride in using a majority of organic ingredients including flour, sugar, fruit, butter, and salt, Bread & Butter's organic Hot Cross Buns come out perfectly moist with a simple sweet flavour. The buns are made with a slow-fermentation process, resulting in only a small amount of yeast needed. The fruit mix contains organic raisins, apricots, cranberries, and currants, meaning they're non-sulphurised and gentle on your stomach.

Overall, the buns come out with the perfect bouncy texture and all the flavour you want packed into a bun – It's no wonder these buns have won awards. You can try them for yourself at any of Bread & Butter's locations, or order yourself some online with easy delivery and pick-up options!

Ima Cuisine

$5.50 per bun
Fort Street
Ima Cuisine's Custard Hot Cross Buns.

We've talked about Ima Cuisine's Hot Cross Buns before, and we'll probably never stop recommending them. These bad boys are considered some of the best buns in the world, and we can confirm they certainly live up to the hype. The queues are often out the door and round the block from as early as March, with hundreds of Aucklanders determined to get their hands on Ima's decadent buns. Starting with a fluffy glazed spiced brioche, Ima sprinkles the buns with currants and lemon/orange peels and tops it off with a very generous cross of custard pastry cream. Each bite envelops a bit of spiced brioche, a sweet currant, and a delicious taste of the creamy custard.

You can head in-store (get in early, we're talking right on opening), or pre-order your buns for pickup from Ima's website now.

Daily Bread

$3.16 per bun
Various Locations Around Auckland
Daily Bread's Hot Cross Buns served hot with butter.

Daily Bread is no stranger to the Hot Cross Bun game. Dubbing their buns as 'infamous', we can agree – they're one of Auckland's most sought after buns. The sourdough beauties are heavy on the spice, with a fruit mix including sultanas, raisins, currants and golden rum, and a sweet, sticky glaze. Similar to Bread & Butter, a long fermentation period leaves the buns springy and perfectly moist. Daily Bread highly recommends toasting them and enjoying with a slab of butter.

To get your hands on some of Daily Bread's buns, order yours online for pick-up from one of their six stores or nationwide delivery!

Wild Wheat

$2 per bun
Various Locations Around Auckland
Wild Wheat's traditional Hot Cross Buns.

Wild Wheat knows their stuff, and by stuff, we mean all things bread-related. Naturally, their Hot Cross Buns hit the mark too. Their Hot Cross Buns are individually made with no preservatives or additives, producing a soft, light, and fluffy bun. Keeping it simple, Wild Wheat's buns are ideal for those seeking out the traditional Hot Cross Buns we grew up on. Pop them in the toaster for a few minutes and let a slab of butter melt into the bread. Even better, they're only $2/bun.

Wild Wheat's Hot Cross Buns are available in-store at any of their five Auckland locations.

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