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2019's Award-Winning Restaurants Have Been Announced

By Grace Noles
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The Cuisine Good Food Awards were announced last week, rounding up the finest restaurants that have showcased exemplary service and food over the past year. And, what a year it has been for the restaurant scene, from dozens of fabulous new openings, including the long-awaited Newmarket Westfield Rooftop dining precinct, and the sad closings of some of our favourites, it’s been an exciting close to the decade. We’ve seen new trends influence restauranteurs from pressure to implement sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and the drive in to-door-delivery systems restaurants have been forced to adapt to compete against. More than 40 food and drink professionals based across the regions have spent 2019 assessing the top list of restaurants, to determine who the very best of the best are. Dining at hundreds of restaurants throughout the year, the judges look for consistently great dining experiences; Restaurants with a niche customer base, catering to what they’re known for. They look for things such as mood, service, decor, and most importantly–The food. The list is initially assembled from the previous year's list, as well as including spotlighted restaurants that appear on the radar over the year.

The Winners 

The full list of top restaurants will be published in the January 2020 edition of Cuisine, out on 16th December, but already available online here! The award-winning restaurants of the year are then determined, as well as the hats for the year.

The Auckland 201 winners are:

Cuisine Restaurant of the Year: SidArt

Ora King Salmon Innovation Award: Ed Verner of Pasture

Estrella Damm One To Watch - Rising Star: Conor Mertens of Chimera 

As a newly launched platform, Dish Cult is ecstatic to have multiple top restaurants available on our app for you to book in real-time! Here is the full list of top restaurants, available on Dish Cult now:

  • Cocoro (3 Hats)
  • Cazador (2 Hats)
  • Kazuya (2 Hats)
  • Lillius (2 Hats)
  • Culprit (1 Hat)
  • Hello Beasty (1 Hat)
  • White + Wongs Viaduct Harbour (1 Hat) 
  • Amano
  • Cibo
  • Euro
  • Harbourside
  • Harbour Society 
  • Pasta e Cuore
  • Phil’s Kitchen
  • Ponsonby Road Bistro
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