A Refresher On What To Expect Dining In Level 2

By Grace Noles
eggs benedict and coffee from the junction eatery

So, Auckland finds itself back in the fickle hands of Alert Level 2. We're over the moon we're out of lockdown, but we can't let our guard down just yet – which is why the Dish Cult team thought it'd be great to give you a refresher on what to expect when dining at eateries and restaurants in Alert Level 2. For all the official information on Alert Levels, head here.

If your venue or a venue you know is planning something exciting in Level 2, feel free to get in touch at contact@dishcult.co.nz

Opening Dates

Auckland will officially move from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2 at 6:00am on Sunday 7th Marc, 2021. The rest of New Zealand will move down into Alert Level 1.

The 3 S's

During the official announcement of Level 2 guidelines Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern introduced The 3 S's for hospitality. These are the requirements that must be adhered to in order to operate in Level 2. 

1. Seated. All patrons in a restaurant, bar, pub, cafe, club, or eatery must be seated. Cocktail parties are currently on pause. 

2. Separated. Diners must be separated to adhere to social distancing rules. To help with this, only 100 patrons max. will be allowed to dine in a facility at one time, and tables must be spaced 2 metres apart. 

3. Single servers. Each table must only have one server taking their order and delivering the dishes to their table. This will help with contact tracing and the overall spread of any germs or bacteria. All venues must be table-serve only.

Contact Tracing

All businesses are legally required to have an NZ Covid QR code for guests to sign in with on the NZ COVID Tracer app. Signing in takes a few seconds and greatly helps prevent the possibility of future lockdowns.

If you don't want to sign in on the NZ COVID Tracer app or manually log where you have been while visiting a venue for contact tracing, stay home.

Other Things

  1. We're still going contactless NZ. This means it's currently not plausible for things like salt, pepper, and sauces to stay laying out on a table in between patrons. If your table is lacking something, kindly ask your server and they'll be happy to help you out. 
  2. On-trend with the contactless-ness, some restaurants may have payment guards up at the till or servers in extra PPE. Please practice patience, no one wants to get sick. 
  3. If the till looks particularly crowded with people waiting to pay, hang back at your table for a few moments. Give staff and other patrons plenty of room to pass by. Text a friend to recommend the restaurant, leave a review on your experience, check out the Dish Cult app to find your next restaurant visit – there's plenty to do while you wait! 
  4. Restaurants are booked up. They're busy. And, they're working out the kinks of Level 2 procedures. Be kind. We all want things to return to normal, but to do that we must get through Level 2. Where you can, be patient and understanding to other patrons and staff. 

Finally, enjoy your experience! You'll likely be dining with people outside of your lockdown bubble. Enjoy your time with them and the feeling of not having to cook a meal!

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