Ace Dry July With This Convincing Range Of Non-Alcoholic Spirits

By Grace Noles
lyre's bianco spritz non-alcoholic

Dry July has arrived, and just like that, we're halfway through 2020! But, don't let that distress you, this is your month to get back into action and cut out the alcohol in support of Kiwis with cancer, and backing those who live in sobriety.

While Dry July means strictly no alcohol, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to say goodbye to your favourite drink. Try your hand at recreating your favourite cocktails, mocktail-style, with the help of a nifty little invention from Lyre's. Shake up your favourite elderflower gin & tonic or espresso martini with the help of the Australian-based company's range of non-alcoholic impersonating spirits.

A non-alcoholic Espresso Martini

Deriving their name from the Australian Lyrebird, known as the world's greatest mimic, Lyre's impersonates and pays homage to the flavours and notes of conventional spirits, carefully crafting inspired variants that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Taking the time to identify taste, aroma, visual appearance, and architecture of each alcoholic spirit, they've been able to build twelve 0% alcohol clones that taste just like the real thing – perfect for Dry July!

Get creative with their versions of a London dry gin, bourbon whiskey, aperitif, white rum, coffee liqueur, dark rum, orange liqueur, spiced rum, and absinthe. With an abundance of recipes available on their website and socials, you may just find a brand new mocktail you love – the non-alcoholic daiquiri and salted caramel martini are calling your name.

As photogenic and tasty as the real thing, it's hard to tell the difference. Putting your health first this Dry July doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to a Friday night cocktail completely.

Available at stockists nationwide, you can now find Lyre's at Farro Fresh, New World, Countdown, Glengarry, Super Liquor and Liquorland, convenient for a quick bottle-o run.

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