Apple Pie Cider And Marshmallow Beer Now Exist

By Grace Noles
marshmallow beer by good george brewing company

One of our favourite New Zealand brewing companies has released two new flavours that we for one are very excited for.

If you have a sweet tooth like us, we're sure you'll want to be getting your hands on both of Good George Brewing Company's latest creations – Introducing Good George's Apple Pie & Ice Cream Cider and their Toasted Marshmallow Stout.

Created from one of Good George's personal brewers his crazy sweet tooth, Apple Pie & Ice Cream Cider was born out of months of experimenting before finally reaching a bottled product mirroring a classic Kiwi dessert.

Apple Pie & Ice Cream Cider (Source: Good George)

Taking Good George's classic Apple Cider, they've teamed it up with the addition of a cinnamon infusion and sustainably sourced vanilla to create a hot slice of apple pie with a dollop of vanilla ice cream – just in a delicious alcoholic form.

As for their revolutionary Marshmallow Stout, Good George pays tribute to the outdoors tradition of toasting marshmallows and getting them just the way you like it. A balanced blend of sweet marshmallow and rich, roasted stout creates a smokey-sugary concoction to transport you right to the campfire.

Marshmallow Stout (Source: Good George)

Both blends are available to order online now – as well as their expansive range of local ciders, beers, merchandise, and vouchers! Otherwise, keep an eye out in your local supermarket once level four has lifted!

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