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Auckland's First Pure Kombucha Taproom

By Grace Noles
Kombucha drinks being prepared by barman

The probiotic fizzy drink taking over the world–Kombucha. Kombucha is (in the easiest sense possible) a fermented tea beverage full of antioxidants and probiotics to benefit your brain, heart, and most notably gut health.  

The delicious drink has shown to prevent illnesses and inflammation, support good digestion, improve cholesterol, contain antibacterial & antimicrobial properties, reduce diabetic complications, and protect your lungs.  

That all sounds promising but, how does it work? To break it down, tea is combined with sugar, bacteria, and yeast to ferment. The bacteria and yeast consume the sugar, resulting in Kombucha we know in love and packed with B vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, acids, good bacteria, and vinegar (but don't let that put you off). A healthy dose of kombucha a day does wonders for your internal health, which as we know, is equally important as your mental and physical health. However, no need to overdo it, a 300mL bottle a day will do you just fine! 

With all the health benefits combined with insanely great flavours like raspberry lemonade, Manuka honey and lemon, pineapple coconut, and peach and ginger, you can only imagine our excitement when a taproom serving purely kombucha popped up in Auckland.

The family-orientated team at New Leaf have been opened up permanent shop in Grey Lynn, as New Zealand's first pure Kombucha taproom. How bougie!

New Leaf, Grey Lynn

Using only four ingredients to make their delicious brews, New Leaf concocts their Kombucha with filtered water, organic tea leaves, organic fair-trade cane sugar, and their own organic kombucha culture. The set-up is next level for a kombucha room, making you feel relaxed and welcomed as you try tapped and bottled organic batches.

There are four permanent taps–Indian Assam Tea, Kenyan Purple Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea, and Gunpowder Green Tea, as well as one "guest tap" that changes weekly.

New Leaf uses only 4 ingredients to create their brews

We're loving the idea of a trendy Friday night hang-out that isn't fuelled by alcohol. New Leaf is a great place to head with a group of mates when you don't feel like being hungover the next day.

If you're in a rush, you can also buy 750mL bottles for $12 and bring the bottle back for a $10 refill of your favourite flavour! And the final touch? Diego! New Leaf's talking Congo African Grey parrot, who's always up for a chat. 

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