Ben & Jerry's Have Teamed Up With Netflix On A New Flavour

By Grace Noles
Ben & Jerry's Netflix & Chilll'd  ice cream

Ben & Jerry's never fail to amaze us with their weird and wonderful flavours, from Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Dough to their short lived Sweet Potato Pie ice cream, and their latest flavour is nothing but extraordinary. Coming to the shelves in early February is an interesting collaboration from Ben & Jerry's and none other than Netflix themselves!

Dubbed "Netflix & Chill'd", Ben & Jerry's have transformed the age-old hobby of Netflix and chilling, and given us something to snack on while we're at it. Described as "something for everyone to enjoy, just like Netflix" the ice cream is a sweet and salty combo, satisfying every craving. Beginning with a peanut butter ice cream, it then has a sweet and salty pretzel swirl spread through with fudge brownie pieces to top it off. If there's ever been a time to find the perfect Netflix and chill partner, it's now.

(Photo Source: Ben & Jerry's)

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