Britomart Is Hosting A Refill Event This Friday

By Grace Noles
juice In glass bottles

Nothing beats a Food Truck Friday at Britomart's Takutai Square. The Food Truck Collective has unimaginably managed to step it up this week, with the additional feature of their Refill Event at this Friday's FTF.

27th March, 11am to 2:30pm you'll be able to grab lunch (and dessert, it's the weekend) from your favourite food trucks and also refill your reusable bottles with your favourite brands.

On deck will be the fabulous EcoStore who will refill your reusable bottle or their limited edition $3 aluminium bottles for free, Lewis Road Creamery will have $4 glass bottles for sale with a free organic milk refill or a banoffee milk refill, BYOB and they'll fill it up for $2, capped at a litre.

Double Dutch Fries will be onsite dishing up fresh hot fries.

Kokako Organic Coffee will also be there with a free coffee if you bring your reusable cup, as well as topping up your reusable containers with 100g of coffee beans. Chia Sisters will be topping up 1 litre of Bottled By The Sun Fresh Pressed Juice for $6. Batchwell is offering free kombucha up to 1 litre if you bring your own bottle, otherwise, they'll be selling reusable bottles for $10. Lastly, bring along your Again Again cup and receive a free cup of steaming Kokako Coffee!

There'll be a whole lot of organic, environmentally-friendly goodness to get amongst on the day, so why wouldn't you want to get involved?

Sweetening the deal even more (although free Lewis Road Creamery milk already had us sold), the Britomart Food Truck Friday lineup for the 27th will include the wonderful Double Dutch Fries, Gracefully Jerked, Empanadas "Sabores", and delightful desserts from GrownUp Donuts.

All in all, it'll be your one-stop shop come Friday lunchtime. So, set a reminder to bring your bottles and head over to Takutai Square from 11am on Friday 27th March to get in on all the best eco-warrior deals and the tastiest lunch in the city.

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