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Britomart Welcomes An Inclusive Gluten-Free, Vegan Eatery

By Grace Noles
oh my goodness in britomart

One thing anyone with dietary requirements will know is just how hard it can be to find good fresh fast food on the go. While the options may be endless for those without requirements, it's a godsend to hear about a new convenient spot to grab a meal that caters to the masses.

OMGoodness originates from the beautiful Hawke's Bay region of the North Island, starting off as a kitchen experiment by owner & founder Scott Wynands. Tapping into a contemporary market, OMGoodness caters to gluten-free diners in a way that hasn't necessarily been done before.

The clean, bright glow of the newly hung sign acts as a warm halo drawing you towards the eatery, which sits in the newly renovated Britomart Train Station. Everything you find in the chic bistro is gluten-free and a majority of items are vegan, as well as delightfully diverse flavour-wise.

The glass storefront shines bright with a full cabinet of rainbow-coloured food and a filled back shelf of thick loaves of gluten-free bread in a range of flavours. Whether you're popping in to restock your bread bin or you're in the mood for a nutritious breakfast or lunch on the go, OMGoodness is the quick and easy fix Auckland City dwellers have been looking for.

OMGoodness' Walnut & Honey loaf

Try one of their paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free buns, available toasted with a slab of butter melted on. Our favourites are the sun-dried tomato and olive bun and their take on a sweet bun, reminiscent of a Hot Cross Bun but available all year round. Perfect for a carb-fuelled snack on the go, their toasted buns leave you comfortably full, with the knowledge every ingredient will leave your gut very happy.

Workday lunches are covered with their stacked rainbow sandwiches, taking two slices of their ultra spongey bread (the best gluten-free loaves we've tried!) and filling them with a rainbow of veggies and spreads to create a magical sandwich you wouldn't even pick to be plant-based.

If a sweet lunch is more your thing, grab a chia pudding from the cabinet, topped with fresh blueberries and coconut shreds.

The ultimate snack to add to your order has to be OMGoodness' 'cwackers'. Flavoured with plenty of herbs and seasonings, these crackers are unlike any you've tried before – coming with a side of hummus for the perfect flavour combination and nutritional snack. We can't stress just how great everything at OMGoodness is!

With their buns, 'cwackers', and breads being a staple at the OMGoodness bistro, the counter stays stocked with daily rotations of special treats from cashew cream macarons to loaded bun slices and experimental new sweet and savoury bites from Scott's creative kitchen. Moving into the colder months, expect winter warmers such as hot soup, served with toasted slices of freshly baked bread.

OMGoodness keep their shelves stocked with the freshest produce

On the drinks front, OMGoodness takes the cake for their array of newly discoverable drinks, taking coffee off the menu and replacing it with new concoctions you may not typically find. Try their Dandelion Coffee, hot out of the pot and packed with antioxidants to keep you at your best.

Keeping it enviro-friendly, OMGoodness also carries icy-cold kombucha on tap and freshly squeezed orange juice from Henry's, making for the freshest cup of sweet orange juice (with nothing added) you'll ever try.

Hot chocolate is on the menu, with a twist. Available in shot-size or a cup-full, OMGoodness carries their own mixture of coconut hot chocolate, resulting in a thicker consistency – in between smooth plant-based milk and a thicker shake consistency. Sweet-tooths will rejoice in the chocolate hit, leaving you feeling less gluggy than a normal hot choc.

Their buns and loaves are unlike any other wheat-free product

Our new one-stop-shop for gluten-free bread that perfectly mimics ordinary bread, and in a variety of mouth-watering flavours (how do roast pumpkin or walnut and honey sound?), OMGoodness are really stepping up the gluten-free and vegan 'fast' food scene in Auckland. Make sure to pay them a visit and experience the glorious gut-friendly bistro yourself.

You can find OMGoodness inside the new Britomart Train Station at the bottom of Queen Street. Additionally, you can find OMGoodness at their Auckland bakery in Vantage Point, Silverdale and at their Hastings bakery at the HB Farmer's Market.

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