Can You Handle NZ's Hottest Taco?

By Grace Noles
NZ's hottest taco

Think you can handle the heat? Put your bragging rights on the line and head down to Mexico this weekend to experience "New Zealand's Hottest Taco". To celebrate International Hot Sauce Day, the Mexican franchise has concocted a taco using 5 of the hottest chillies, in collaboration with Culley's Award-Winning Hot Sauce. Using Ghost Chilli, Jalapeño, Red Cayenne, Carolina Reaper, and Guajillo Chilli, this taco is reaching more than a million on the Scoville Scale – Virtually, enough to make you cry. If you're not yet convinced, you'll also need to read Mexico's disclaimer before indulging, including conditions such as "Do not consume if you are under 18, on an empty stomach, you have a cardiac condition, or are pregnant".

The taco comes in either a chicken or vegan option, so no one misses out on the fun! Available at your local Mexico restaurant until the 26th only – Get in quick, these guys are selling like hot.. tacos.

(Photo Source: Mexico NZ)

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