Celebrate International Pickle Day All Week Long

By Grace Noles
pickle soda from burger burger

This Saturday marks the International Day Of The Pickle, a day to celebrate the tanginess they bring to every burger, and the excitement felt when purchasing a new jar for a late-night secret snack.

Although officially observed on November 14th, Auckland eateries want to extend the celebrations by creating special pickle-centered menu items that will be sticking around for a few extra days after International Pickle Day. Brought to us by McClure's Pickles, they've really gone above and beyond to infiltrate the city with pickle dishes to cater to fellow pickle-lovers. So, what's on in Auckland?

2020 Great NZ Toastie Takeover Winner Is Available

November 15th - November 17th
The Bat Out Of Hell (Photo Credit: Andy Thompson Photography NZ Ltd.)

Cast your minds back to earlier in the year when the Great NZ Toastie Takeover competition ravaged the country – well, the winner was the ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ from Dunedin’s Hungry Hobos. For a split second there, we thought we may never get to try the ultimate winner, being stuck in Auckland and all, so it's with genuine excitement that we're able to tell you, you can try the Bat Out Of Hell this weekend only at Commercial Bay's Burger Burger.

The toastie contains homemade meatloaf (made to Grandma’s recipe), creamy mashed potato, gravy, aged cheddar and McClure’s Sweet & Spicy Pickles slathered between herb-buttered ciabatta. Served up between 12-2pm only this Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (or until sold out), this will be your one chance to get your hands on the most-talked about sandwich of 2020.

Burger Burger Are Going All Out

November 14th - November 21st
Burger Burger's Deep Fried Pickles.

All six NZ Burger Burger eateries have added an impressive line-up of pickle dishes to their menus for pickle week, with the special items including Beer Battered McClure’s Pickles served with Chipotle Mayo, Potato Skins with freeze-dried pickles and cheese, Pickle & Beef skins, and the one you've been waiting for – Pickle Soda. Made in collaboration with Six Barrel Soda, all we can say is don't knock it 'til you try it.

Get your hands on any of these intriguing dishes at Burger Burger in Newmarket, Ponsonby, Takapuna, Commercial Bay, Christchurch, and Mount Maunganui.

Auckland Eateries Jumping On Board

November 14th - November 21st
Brothers Beer Pickle Tasting Platter.

More than 20 Kiwi eateries are joining in on the fun, here's the full line-up!

Lowbrow’s will be serving up Cornflake fried McClure’s Pickles with tangy Jalapeño ranch. Saxon + Parole will have a Bloody Mary & pickle station set up. Wise Boy Burgers is offering single, double, or triple stack vegan & pickle smash burgers in Grey Lynn. Cheese On Toast in Mt Eden will have a prawn and toasted garlic, pickles and three cheese blend sandwich special going. All four Brothers Beer sites will be doubling in the action with their Movember Pickle x Beer Tasting Board.

Culprit is getting boozy with their Pickle Cocktail. Pilkington's will have Crispy tempura battered Sweet and Spicy crinkle cut McClure's Pickles with sriracha mayo. Good Dog Bad Dog is taking it gourmet, with their Charcoal chicken hoagie, with Fix & Fogg Smoke & Fire satay, and Sweet & Spicy Pickles. Something & Social keep it simple, but so good, with Battered Sweet & Spicy McClure's Pickles and ranch sauce. Electric Chicken will have a special Pickle Combo, while Holy Hop is offering classic beer-battered pickles.

Dr Rudi's is not messing around, serving up Beer-battered McClure's Pickles served with marinated buffalo cheese, Pickle Pizza, and Jameson Pickle Backs (yum!). New opening Churly's in Mount Eden will have Crispy breaded pickle chips. While Winner Winner has created Frickles - Beer battered McClure's Sweet & Spicy pickles with house made vegan mayo. And lastly, Fish Kitchen will be participating with their Pickle Dog, featuring deep fried McClure's pickle, sauerkraut with habanero mustard & Pickle Soda combo.

Phew, there's a lot of pickles to be ingesting in the next week, so hop to it and create your Pickle Week Bucket List. We think we'll start with Pickle Soda!

For all the information on any of the dishes, head to Pickle Week to find out more!

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