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Dessert Dumplings Are A Thing!

By Grace Noles
Xuxu XuXu Dumpling Bar dessert dumplings

Dumplings are an all-round crowd-pleaser. They’re (somewhat) healthy, full of flavour, and come in a variation of fillings to please any fussy-eaters. Additionally, they’re also very versatile–It’s 2019 and dumplings aren’t just for dinner. This is where we introduce you to Xuxu Dumplings, in the heart of Britomart. While they do some killer savoury dumplings (prawn and ginger har gao and roast duck with hoisin dipping sauce are our favourites), it’s the dessert menu that’s been stealing hearts.

First up, Xuxu’s chocolate steamed buns. These bad boys come as a 3 piece set, in a bamboo steamer so they’re still molten on arrival. The perfectly-chewy buns are filled with liquid chocolate, covered in a dusting of cocoa. Rip them open and you’ll be greeted with a steady-stream of saucy chocolate. Prepare for things to get messy!

If you’re more of a caramel-lover, the dessert dumplings will be your plate of choice. Xuxu serves up banoffee dumplings. Gooey salted caramel and creamy banana filled dumplings dished up in a generous 6-piece set. The dough is crispy and thin enough to complement the sweet interior, making it the perfect ratio. There’s nothing quite like it.

Found on the corner of Commerce St and Galway St, Xuxu is open til late Mon-Sat, so you can get your dessert dumpling fix well into the night.

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