ELMOS' New Seasonal Menu Is THE Menu For Truffle-Lovers

By Grace Noles
ELMOS truffle pizza in ponsonby auckland

It's Truffle season here in New Zealand, meaning we get a whole lot of the stuff, fresh from the forest. If you're not a seasoned truffle-eater, you may be confused by the hype, but trust us when we say truffles are the key ingredient in taking a dish from average to gourmet. With a slightly garlicky taste, truffle is a bit more musky and earthy, offering a deeper layer of flavour to any dish.

Coming with a hefty price tag and produced seasonally, truffle can be hard to get your hands on, which is why we're so excited to see ELMOS offering up a completely truffle-dedicated menu for a limited time.

The Ponsonby pizza and cocktail bar is authentically Italian, knowing exactly how to make the most of traditional ingredients. Wanting to savour every moment of the season, they've created four signature dishes, all encompassing the best features of truffle and allowing it to be the enhance each dish.

ELMOS' dreamy classical interior

The seasonal menu is short and sweet, highlighting the best flavours of the truffle and what best complements it. First up we have Locally made Burrata with fresh black truffle and a drizzle of truffle olive oil. Presenting the truffle in the simplest form, this dish is for the true truffle lovers.

Secondly, we have two decadent pasta dishes to treat your tastebuds to. Firstly, the Spaghetti, cacio e pepe. Taking authentic Italian pasta, ELMOS tosses it through a combination of black pepper, pecorino, parmigiano, creamy sauce, and fresh black truffle to garnish.

ELMOS' truffle ravioli

Next up, the Spinach and ricotta ravioli, burro salvia e tartufo nero. Think soft pillows of ravioli with burnt truffle butter, sage, hazelnut, and fresh black truffle for one last hit.

Lastly on the menu is one of the most raved about menu items – Discovery of truffle; Four cheese pizza. Taking one of their infamous hand-crafted pizza bases, they've topped the wood-fire pizza with Mozzarella, taleggio, gruyère, gorgonzola, and fresh black truffle.

The friendly team at ELMOS will happily talk you through the menu if you have any questions, and match your order with any of their phenomenal house cocktails (although we'll always insist on at least one Espresso Martini.

The menu is limited time only, so make sure you book in fast to ensure a taste of one of Auckland's most exciting menus this winter.

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