Experience La Chandeleur With La Fourchette This Weekend

By Grace Noles
Nutella crepe from La Fourchette

Dating back to biblical times, on the day Jesus was presented to a temple in Jerusalem, the French festivities of La Chandeleur fall on February 2nd each year. Over time, however, the religious holiday has developed into a celebration of, funnily enough, crepes. Symbolically, crepes represent the sun – A sign of the long summer days on the horizon, and act as a way to use up excess wheat ahead of the new harvest in France. Short and sweet history lesson over, here's where to devour some sweet, sweet crepes this weekend!

The French treats connoisseurs at La Fourchette, along with their sister-shops La Petite Fourchette, will be cooking up piping-hot traditional crepes at all three of their venues Friday to Sunday. That's right, you'll be able to get your pancake fix at their St. Heliers restaurant, Britomart cafe, and Wynyard Quarter Patisserie, just take your pick. Available in three flavours – Nutella, Fruits of the Forest, and classic sugar, we promise these crepes aren't just any old crepes. Authentically French, with each and every pastry made fresh and onsite at their Wynyard location, it's hard to fault any dish that comes out of La Fourchette, particularly when it's oozing with Nutella. Rearrange those weekend plans, you won't want to miss out on La Chandeleur. Book yourself into La Fourchette to ensure your spot, or head straight into La Petite Fourchette for a crepe-date!

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