Get A Donut Burger Delivered Straight To Your Door

By Grace Noles
donut burgers with fries and sauce on a table

We've introduced you to the Donut Burger once... but, we think a refresher is needed for those who may not know you can get one in Level 3, AKA right now!

Mixing sweet and savoury flavours is a tale as old as time. Some may fiercely refuse, but it can't be denied that sometimes it does just work. Karangahape Road's Sneaky Snacky is open for business once again, and churning out their irresistible donut-wagyu beef combo.

Creating their own house-made donuts and glazing them in a heaping of sugary-sweet icing – the donut-bun is born. Simply swapping out a boring old burger bun for donuts is Sneaky Snacky's speciality.

But, they don't stop there. Making sure not to cash-in purely on the novelty of a donut-bun, Sneaky Snacky packs the burger with quality ingredients including wagyu beef patties, kimchi fritters, American cheese, spicy milk sauce, Cheetos, crispy shallots, and bulgogi sauce.

If you're more of a chicken burger person, they've got you sorted with their Nashville hot fried chicken burger, complete with dill mayo, pickled cucumber, and American cheese.

Enhance your at-home experience with a side of Sneaky Snacky's MSG fries, coleslaw, fried chicken wings, L&P battered fish, or single glazed house-made donuts – in case one wasn't enough.

Sneaky Snacky has every method of delivery and pick-up available, which you can check out here, alongside the full takeaway menu here! Or simply give them a call on 0223040012 to place your order.

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