Get Your Hands On This Big Mac Pizza

By Grace Noles
botany commons big mac pizza

We're spoiled for choice when it comes to pizza in Auckland – from authentic wood-fired bases to metre-long sharing pizzas, there's something for everyone. With such an abundance of options, it's not often a pizza catches our eye as something we need to have right now. Which is why we need to share with you a pizza that may just top our list of must-try pizzas in Auckland.

The Botany Commons is a fairly new restaurant on the scene, but they've worked out the perfect formula for a great menu, engaging bar scene, and cosy sit-down dining all in one. Between live music, daily deals, and an impressive cocktail hour, The Botany Commons has been flying high as new opening in east Auckland.

The Botany Commons' light and bright interior

One particular menu item that has caught our eye is their Mac Pizza. Featuring beef, cheddar cheese, plum tomato, red onion, iceberg lettuce, sesame seeds, and Mac sauce, the pizza is an enigma of all the flavours of a cheeseburger, only supersized to stretch across a pizza base.

Pizza comes by the foot

Available in your choice of 1, 2, or 3 feet in size, this is the perfect excuse to get a group together and head out for a buffet of pizza and beer in their sunny courtyard. Pairing perfectly with any of The Botany Commons' sides, including onion rings, truffle mash, and skinny fries, the Mac Pizza will keep the entire table satisfied.

To get your hands on the Mac Pizza, book your table at The Botany Commons here. They fill up fast!

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