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Get Your Hands On This New Range Of Healthy Winter Warmers

By Grace Noles
naked kitchens new range of plant based ready meals

Been feeling the cold especially hard lately? We've been informed of just the trick to keeping yourself warm and nutritious this winter. Naked Kitchen's brand new Eat Well range of plant-based ready meals are the key to staying cosy on a cold evening.

Perfect for when the weather isn't too forgiving and we're not brave enough to face the rain, Naked Kitchen comes in handy with their range of convenient chilled meals, now including plant-based options in the tasty range. Using premium ingredients, you can taste the quality in every single bag, complete with no preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours.

The four new flavours are designed to become your number one all-round wholesome, quick, and easy meals.

Each flavour has a specific aim, using each ingredient to target a different goal, starting with the Comfort bowl made from tomato, chickpeas, and aubergine.

Secondly, the Calm bowl with cauliflower, coconut, and turmeric Dahl.

Next, the Restore bowl made up of green peas, broccoli, spinach, and mint.

And finally, the Nourish bowl containing mushroom, quinoa, and puy lentil risotto. You'll easily find the bowl perfect for you.

Naked Kitchen's Eat Well Range

Taking a few minutes to heat in the microwave or on the stovetop, a tasty and healthy dinner is ready in less than 10 minutes, and easily bulked up with a side of your favourite fresh bread.

Complementing the health benefits found in the Eat Well range, Naked Kitchen has used plastics resin #2 in their packaging, making it recyclable under the Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme.

Tomato, Aubergine, and Chickpea Bowl

Available now in North Island supermarkets, they're priced at a reasonable RRP $5.99. Keep a few stocked in the fridge for those days you just need a helping hand.

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