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Have You Heard About This Kingsland Hidden Gem?

By Grace Noles
Toasted meringue dessert

Kingsland is abundantly generous with the number of cafes, restaurants, eateries, and bars to dine, drink, and socialise at – Sometimes it can even be daunting, the thought of having to pick a dinner spot. Let us ease the pressure with the introduction of one of Kingsland’s best-kept secret.

Quietly tucked in between the bustling Canton Cafe and authentic Mekong Neua sits Phil’s Kitchen, fronted by restaurant owner and chef, Phil Clark. It’s easy to miss as you pass by, only open for lunch a select number of days – otherwise, only turning the lights on for their dinner service.

The modern bistro is neatly tucked into New North Road

The interior is beautifully dressed in true modern bistro-style. A dark grey velour couch-seat lines the wall, with classic wooden tables and plush armchairs sitting parallel. On the opposite side of the restaurant lies the bar and kitchen, usually completed with a well-dressed bar-man ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Dark tones and mood lighting set the tone for an intimate atmosphere

Chef-owner Phil says he drew on his experiences travelling Europe and working in Michelin star restaurants internationally when dreaming up the ideas behind Phil’s Kitchen. His European-inspiration can be felt through the juxtaposition of the contemporary fine-dining menu and laid-back atmosphere.

Unique cocktails complement the seasonal produce

Optimising New Zealand’s seasonal produce, Phil’s menu changes regularly – always promising something delicious and innovative in their A La Carte or set menu options. Their dishes use simplistic ingredients to the best of their ability, utilising their unique characteristics to showcase the finest complementary flavours.

Delicately placed components make all the difference

Whether it’s pan-fried King Salmon from Marlborough or a New Zealand Lamb Rump, it’s guaranteed each component is of the highest quality and prepared in a mind-blowing matter.

Quality New Zealand produce makes every plate shine

Continuously making a name for themselves and expanding the modern bistro, Phil’s Kitchen is the picture-perfect scene for a grand milestone celebration or thoughtful and indulgent occasion. Book your table now on Dish Cult and experience a wonderfully unique dining affair for yourself!

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