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Here's How To Locate Your Favourite Food Truck

By Grace Noles
Food truck serving food to customers

As great as Auckland food trucks are, they are possibly the trickiest things to track down. From Peach's Hot Chicken and Bacon Brothers to Double Dutch Fries and Wise Boy Burgers, lately, the food trucks around town have taken mobile food from soggy hot chips to full-on restaurant quality meals. Which makes things even worse when you're craving one of Peach's Belgian waffles and fried chicken duo and there's no fixed home to satisfy your needs. The Auckland Food Truck Collective has thankfully answered our prayers and designed an entire app (perfectly named Auckland Food Truck Finder) to navigate your way straight to your favourite food truck, as well as a full menu for each truck and any upcoming major events. Simply download the app and select which trucks you want to visit. Then they'll pop up on the map in real-time so you know exactly where to head, as well as sending notifications to let you know when trucks are in your immediate area. Additionally, the app also have up-to-date news on brand new menus, food truck festivals, collaborations, new openings, and much more under the "news" tab. There's also behind the scenes secrets so you can get to know the friendly faces inside each truck. The Auckland Food Truck Finder is available on both Apple and Android devices so get you can start truck-hunting today! 

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