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Here's Where To Try Cheeseburger Dumplings

By Grace Noles
Sumthin Dumplin cheeseburger dumplings

The humble dumpling. A versatile, convenient, tasty little treat that is well-suited for any time of the day (See: Xuxu’s dessert dumplings). But, what we love the most about dumplings, is the opportunity to fill them with anything you please. Of course, we all know traditional is best! But, that doesn’t mean branching out is a bad thing. The CBDs’s Sumthin Dumplin seems to agree. The popular little eatery has been popping off ever since their opening in mid-2018, proving from the very start that they know a thing or two about homemade dumplings. Aside from their infamous OG (pork + cabbage) and daily sell-out The Monk (tofu+bokchoy in a spinach wrap), it’s their “Premium Beef” number that has caught our attention. Dubbed “The Cheeseburger Dumpling”, the Premium Beef comes with well, premium beef, onion, and mozzarella in a wholemeal wrap coated in shaven parmesan and doused in your choice of sauce–Mild chilli, sriracha, sesame, sriracha mayo, or garlic vinegar. Available in a 6 or 10 pack, you’ve probably seen Sumthin’s infamous trays on your Instagram feed because they are that beautiful when they’re served up. As the cherry on top–All of their dumplings are made fresh daily, in house, so you know you’re getting the freshest dumplings around town.

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