Here's Your New Favourite Youtube Obsession

By Grace Noles
chickens being roasted on a grill

Feeling like you've almost completely trawled through the entirety of Youtube yet? We've found our new binge-worthy channel to get us inspired in the kitchen. From the producers of VICE comes Munchies – the Youtube channel designed to kickstart all your comfort food cravings and force you off the couch and into the kitchen.

VICE is known for their easily digestible content, unique and not overly-complicated with jargon.

Taking to the new heights of Youtube, Munchies has gained close to four million subscribers and accumulated 800,000,000 views across their videos.

Chronicling behind-the-scenes of some of the most sought-after restaurants across the globe, the history of famous dishes, masterclasses with world-renowned chefs, and more recently easy at-home recipes submitted by avid Munchie viewers – Munchies is driven towards youthful viewers who want a more contemporary take on food content.

Between videos such as inviting Tokyo's sushi chef Naomichi Yasud to teach you how to properly eat sushi, investigating a sumo wrestler's 10,000 calorie-a-day diet, documenting iconic New York street-food vendors, and exploring what a Marine soldier eats on duty, their content goes around the world looking for the most interesting angle to capture your attention.

Living in similar circumstances to the New Zealand lockdown, Munchies have recently inviting viewers to curate their own quarantine-friendly recipes using common ingredients for a viable inspiration-hit.

From jazzing up a box of instant macaroni and cheese to how to make your own kimchi, you'll feel obliged to get up and get cooking!

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